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What is the Meaning of Life? Give it your best shot.

We've all stared at the stars and wondered this question. In terms of finding an answer, I'm no closer than anyone else, but maybe collectively we can work something out. Douglas Adams fans, limit yourself to one post about 42. :)


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  • Sep 4 2013: "The meaning of life is its adaptability; the value of life is its progressability--even to the heights of God-consciousness."

    "Animals respond nobly to the urge of life, but only man can attain the art of living, albeit the majority of mankind only experience the animal urge to live. Animals know only this blind and instinctive urge; man is capable of transcending this urge to natural function. Man may elect to live upon the high plane of intelligent art, even that of celestial joy and spiritual ecstasy. Animals make no inquiry into the purposes of life; therefore they never worry, neither do they commit suicide."

    "Animals know not the meaning of life; man not only possesses capacity for the recognition of values and the comprehension of meanings, but he also is conscious of the meaning of meanings--he is self-conscious of insight."

    Not my words, but words I like. Offered as food for thought. "Art of living" is a clue for addressing this oft-asked question.

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