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What is the Meaning of Life? Give it your best shot.

We've all stared at the stars and wondered this question. In terms of finding an answer, I'm no closer than anyone else, but maybe collectively we can work something out. Douglas Adams fans, limit yourself to one post about 42. :)


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    Sep 4 2013: It may mean nothing or it may just mean everything.The answer is not general as everyone differs from one another yet we're the same.So I guess it is up to each one of us to figure out on our own before this short span of time called "life" ends.Do you catch my drift? ;)
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      Sep 4 2013: I catch your drift Muhammad, and I agree that life is what we make it....it may mean nothing....it may mean everything!

      The meaning for me personally, is to be totally, fully, wholeheartedly engaged in every moment of the life experience, with the purpose to learn, grow and evolve as an individual while contributing to the whole. And, I totally agree with Pat's very profound statement....."to have fun":>)

      We've seen this topic presented several times on TED and I'm wondering if Harrison Horst has checked out any of those other discussions.
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        Sep 4 2013: Like my grandmother always say : "let the unspoken wisdom dictate you and everything will be wonderful".When you treat each moment of your life with full appreciation, your lived your life.For someone who never went to school, my grandmother is a genius!

        P/s : It's great seeing you still active on Ted!! Glad to see you friend :)
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          Sep 4 2013: She is indeed a genius Muhammad, and facing the life adventure with appreciation and gratitude can change the whole life experience. Nice to see you again my friend:>)

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