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What is your opinion on same sex marriage?

I'm interested in hearing different opinions from different people around the world.
If you have a strong view. Please share :)


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    Sep 5 2013: I am for same-sex marriage. Before stating my reasons and thought process, I am heterosexual and live in the US (in a state that I *think* bans gay marriage or something like that).

    I view marriage as a definite and physical (there's a license or something right) bond between two people who love each other and are dedicated to each other (right after typing two I thought, "Hmmm... what's wrong with more?", but then decided to think about that for another time or discussion (which I will most likely make, so look out!)). I think homosexuals (unless anyone objects, I will now use "gays" (BTW for me, gays contains men and women) instead of homosexuals just for avoidance of carpal tunnel syndrome) can love each other and be dedicated to each other, so naturally I don't see what's wrong with them marrying.

    A common or at least recent argument I've heard against gay marriage was that marriage is a passage to heaven or something along those lines. Now, I can see how someone might think gay affection and/or sex (someone should clarify for me) is not right or moral, but that is for a different debate. Marriage, as far as I know, is a *man-made* (asterisks means bolded; don't like using caps) institution. I believe basic morals are universal and timeless and therefore the way to get to heaven (I have problems w/ some people's ideas of heaven, but again different debate) will be the same throughout any place and any time. Just a quick example, pornography wouldn't be a sin, but fantasizing, lusting, or seeing something erotic would be the wrong aspect of pornography (again just example, not emphasizing a personal opinion). Since marriage hasn't been around forever or since the dawn of humanity (again personal belief, but prolly pretty accurate), it can't be on the timeless "rubric" of getting into heaven, or for me, something that could be used immorally.

    Hopefully this comment wasn't too fragmented, but I've got some homeowrk so I'll reread it another time. Please ask for

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