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What is your opinion on same sex marriage?

I'm interested in hearing different opinions from different people around the world.
If you have a strong view. Please share :)


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    Sep 4 2013: In a world where millions of babies/children have no parents and there are couples who would want to adopt these homeless infants and kids... Some couples who cannot produce their own, but can be parent anyways. Some of which understand how it is to be a minority and segregated who really can make a stronger, smarter and braver child for the future...

    Seems like my opinion doesn't matter when something good for the rest of the world can happen.

    Simply - I believe your question shouldn't have to be asked. It should already be known any LGBT person should be equal to anyone 'straight' - and this type of discrimination towards sexual orientation proves how little people care about 1. history, 2. biology and 3. individual rights (morality).

    My opinion is there should no longer be an opinion. Plenty more important topics to worry about, and if religious beliefs get in the way - that is when campaigning (non-violently) should take place to the leaders of said religion, not the followers.
    • Sep 4 2013: Fair enough.
      But we all still have opinions and its good to share them around i believe.
      I'm not disagreeing with anyone here. I'm just listening.
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        Sep 4 2013: Perhaps, somewhat, this question is innately offensive to me now, the more and more I study and think about diversity-issues.

        The more I realize how factors of age, gender and race can cause more harm to society than worrying about sexual preferences... I realize two things 1. gay-marriage is just another hot topic (necessary, but now pop-cultured) and 2. a lot of religious orientation effects the decision of LGBT-marriage within a society and culture.

        WE, right now, are playing into 1. which makes it just trendy and an interesting topic to find opinions on. BUT, 2. is perhaps where more stress and emphasis should be focused.

        What religions are against homosexuality? Why? What exactly is wrong with it in that theological construct? Is there wiggle room? Are there exceptions? What about human history, were there religions that championed free-sex?

        We all do have opinions, sometimes that is not enough!
        • Sep 4 2013: You have a good point Nicholas. I respect that and i am listening.
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      Sep 4 2013: Hi Nicholas......nice to see you again:>)

      Simply put, I think/feel it is a human right to be able to choose our partner, and you're right Nicholas, that if some folks think it's not ok, they probably are not aware of history, biology or human rights.

      I'm wondering if you have checked out any of the other discussions on this topic? There are quite a few:>)

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