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If all of the brilliant high functioning folks on the spectrum choose to, they could create a system of support for all autistics.

Our country has a giant generation of middle aged ASD folks. Many are being cared for by elderly parents, relatives. That elderly generation is dying and those that were relying on that senior, are placed into the public care system, which is where they do not belong. With programs in place that provide resources for these adults for every available life service, education and medical. This would include a 'Partnering' program that would match up those who, as a team, can still function in the same capacity as they were before they lost there main source of support. Many of these adults hold jobs, volunteer, but need that one care giver that helps give them the encouragement and stability to thrive. They do not need the government to thrive, they need the rest of fortunate enough to be successful with ASD to help our sisters and brothers not as fortunate, but still very functional in a plethora of ways. Joe X can work, take care of the car and the does yard work. He lives with his 88 year old mom, who always made sure the bills were paid and Joe ate his dinner and brushed his teeth. Now Mom has passed on and Joe X iis lost and cannot understand why the water has been shut off. He calls our resource line and we are able to step by step help Joe to maintain his lifestyle. We give him a partner that can take care of the banking and cooks, but he is in a wheelchair and is ASD like Joe. They meet and are compatible, now Joe is doing well and so is his new Roommate/friend! It is not always so simple, but most things that are worthy of doing are not. The wave of change is due folks! This is a real concern for my family, how about yours or someone you know?


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    Aug 16 2013: I think your idea is not bad. Like other problems, one needs people who are really interested in the topic and want to solve that specific problem.

    I think there are probably some programs around ASD in your country or region. I would suggest you speak with them about your idea.

    Personally I know some people with ASD in my country, and they often have support by family or organisations. Of course it can be improved, so if your model would be apt for translation to other countries, you can build a broader organisation that looks beyond the borders.

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