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How do you manage your relationship with your coworkers?

We have to collaborate with our coworkers, their personality varies. Could you provide your experiences with this issue,have you ever successfully managed your relationship with some thorny and apathetic guys? How did you do that,give us your tricks?


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    Aug 22 2013: generally I avoid all groups..they feel stilted and somewhat an adaptqation of the least interesting aspects of being human...but I will be polite and attempt to befriend everyone on an individual level..with exceptionallly difficult people I would study their motivating factors and preferences so I could speak their language..I would offer them an opportunity to really hurt me at least once just to be sure i WAS NOT BIASED but after confirmation I would probably spend alot of time avoiding them or attempting to make their cruel character completely transparent to the group...whom I avoid..all this takes alot of time but the complexity of outing mean people after every possible resolution appeals to me as a social nessesity and because its a very difficult craft to do seamlessly..i would try just to see if It were possible to do with success

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