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How do you manage your relationship with your coworkers?

We have to collaborate with our coworkers, their personality varies. Could you provide your experiences with this issue,have you ever successfully managed your relationship with some thorny and apathetic guys? How did you do that,give us your tricks?


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  • Aug 19 2013: Frankly no work environment is without a few staple personalities and you always always have to have that one person you just cannot stand. I mean the one who grinds your bone with just their presence or the one who is the know it all or the one who is just too perky that you want to blow (or is it just me). But the rule remains the same, to get the work done especially if its a person you have to correspond with directly to get results you have to be professional and this means;
    1. If its just a personality clash ensure communication is strictly on a work level. And a third person is always involved to ensure that all remains on that level and escalates to nothing else
    2. Chances are others would have noticed this constant grievance, if it veins to interfere with the work never discuss it with another staff member this can turn into a big mess take it to HR let them deal with mediation
    3. (This has worked for me) smile do the work and have a drink after the job is done.
    It will always be a challenge they are all out there in the world difference is, out there you have the choice in a work environment your choice is to stay and make it work or leave.

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