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How do you manage your relationship with your coworkers?

We have to collaborate with our coworkers, their personality varies. Could you provide your experiences with this issue,have you ever successfully managed your relationship with some thorny and apathetic guys? How did you do that,give us your tricks?


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  • Aug 19 2013: you have gotten great advice and that advice will work for 90% of the cases,especially where the teams are close to normal. Let me apologize now because I will probably be politically incorrect (some would say normal for me)

    Suppose you are working with someone really nasty but they are doing their job and are very knowledgeable.. You need to get a working relationship with this individual. It may be during a 1-1 mtg or a team mtg. I had a case where we agreed to only talk about work and if there was an argument, we had a designated mediator who was a member of the team.

    Hopefully, you will never have to work with this individual. This individual is irresponsible, dishonest, prejudiced. He/She hates you for race, gender, your youth, your future, etc. They will claim none the problems are theirs but all the solutions and ideas are theirs. They will put down everyone else.

    Some of the tricks they will do is setup a mtg and forget to invite you or send out important information and forget to put you on the distribution list. They will allow the project to take a hit to blame you for it and claim success when it is fixed. I have seen them put the project in danger just to hurt an individual.

    All you can do is:
    1. make sure mgmt knows what is happening
    2. document everything and keep it
    3. work hard to finish your part of the project
    4. transfer out

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