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Is Freedom of expression growing?

Is there an obvious conflict of opinion about Expression and Communication Freedom, with strong ethical implications.
What do you think?
I think it is highly relevant to have a conversation on the topic!
Do you?


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    Aug 16 2013: Are we really free to express ideas which challenge scientific paradigms?
    Probably we will not be subject to a straight rejection but we will experience negative outcomes of varied magnitude.
    What if I wish to propose the notion of science containing a variety of belief systems...
    How would you react?
    I am very interested in discussing the topic!
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      Aug 19 2013: I think that we are free to express our ideas which challenge scientific paradigms.....but it takes a bit of courage to stand up to what are deeply help scientific beliefs.............or any beliefs, for that matter.

      There is quite a bit of misinformation and manipulation of information and data out there.

      It is humanly impossible to know everything about every topic in the entire inhabited earth.....one recent example?........the aspartame conversations here on TED...........who to believe?

      It is a good thing we may enjoy a bit of common sense and that we may have the ability to choose for ourselves what we find works for us.

      As someone who lives in the United States, I am thankful that there is freedom of speech here, and that I am able to enjoy asking people questions, and listening to their explanations and insights on all sorts of subject matter. Also wonderful is the ability to pick up books and magazines on all sorts of subjects and learn.

      It is really a wonderful priviledge.
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        Aug 19 2013: Thanks Mary!
        I share most of your views,
        I might not agree on what you say about Freedom of Speech in the USA,
        Actually it appears to be, but there are lots of repressive methods in place for any communications having to do with what FDA supposedly knows better than anyone.
        Also, not necessarily repression comes from the government alone but in some instances it is very crude.
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        Aug 27 2013: Mary, I have more concerns now than I ever had before that the freedoms you speak of are being diminished. We now know of the breaches in privacy in our phone conversations, drone spying in the US, secret courts, total lack of the transparency we were promised, media promoting political agendas without affording dissenting voices, etc ....

        I find it interesting to watch Fox and any other channel and see what is important enough for lead stories .... write those down and go to BBC, China Today and RT and see what the lead stories are there. Is it possible that we are being manipulated by the media, spin doctors, and the administration.

        I have lost faith in our leadership at the top and in both houses. I try to be a Independent and do read and evaluate party agendas. The problem I have is the issues brought up are about getting votes and should be about the problems facing the country.

        Mary, I agree that we still have more freedoms than most .... I have concerns that those are in jeopardy.
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          Aug 27 2013: Yes Robert, I can see how you, as well as many others are losing faith in the leadership of this country. And many worldwide are losing faith in their country's leadership as well.

          I have never had faith in human leadership Robert.
          I have always seen humans as imperfect individuals who sometimes hold jobs that need super powers.......lol

          I suppose that my faith has a lot to do with my perception of leadership.

          If you will allow me, there is a scripture that states that we should "not put our trust in nobles, nor in the sons of earthly man, since no salvation belongs to them, and eventually they die..." (Psalms 143:3-4, I paraphrased)

          And additionally, we are instructed to be in subjection to the superior authorities, who are placed in their relative positions by God. (Rom. 13:1, 3-5, 7).

          So, the way I understand it Robert, is that while I am a law abiding citizen, I do not faith in humans fixing the problems that affect our world. I don't really worry about politics, because I have a different kind of faith, in a different kind of government that will be established in the future.

          If humankind truly had the ability to correct what ails us, we would have done it a long time ago, when there were less humans on earth.

          Then we would have established a peaceful world, filled with compassion and kindness.

          Do you think that today, with over 6 billion humans on earth, all speaking different languages, human governments can solve our problems?

          It seems that as time goes on, corruption increases. Like you, I also fear that many freedoms are in jeopardy.......who will step in and clean house? We'll have to wait and see.
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        Aug 27 2013: Mary, you raise an important point that humans are human and sometimes in jobs that would seem to require super-powers. When compromises need to be made, or when the best path to solution is not clear, those outside of the arena in which problem-solving is taking place often do not perceive accurately the challenges on the ground, including lack of complete knowledge of the implications of different actions. Rather, so many are quick to assume malevolence or laziness in those with the primary responsibility to act.

        I think answers to many problems are far less clear than the public thinks, and not realizing that is a major source of divisive finger-pointing in many arenas.
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          Aug 27 2013: Wonderful observations.
          Those in leadership roles always face challenging situations, and many times, like you say, there are many details which are unknown to the general public.

          It even happens in the family unit........where the father/mother is trying to deal with an issue, and the kids wonder why they don't do this or that, when in reality, solving the issue is a difficult task, requiring much thought and a good amount of insight.

          I have a lot of respect for those who take the lead........however they might do it, in politics, or in organizations. It is not an easy job, and I am thankful that I am not in their shoes.
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        Aug 27 2013: I do not always admire the character of the one at the helm of something, and I expect you don't either, but I don't think we should blame people for not having all the answers to complex problems or for trying gambits sometimes that fail.

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