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Is Freedom of expression growing?

Is there an obvious conflict of opinion about Expression and Communication Freedom, with strong ethical implications.
What do you think?
I think it is highly relevant to have a conversation on the topic!
Do you?


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  • Aug 23 2013: I will have to answer with a question, why we have to be offered what we call freedom expression or what so ever as if someone is doing us a favour by allowing us to do or say what we feel.

    I believe they have robbed us our life by controlling us, conditioning us, what I say now onwards should be based on my cultural basis, educational background and what community at large thinks
    The world has become small in that some people a trip around the globe it’s like they are just checking / visiting their back yard, but these persons do they have to conform to all the norms of this native countries that they have travelled must they limit their vocabulary because the natives may dislike what they transmit, maybe they might learn something out of their vocabulary also the native are not bound by any laws to follow or respect what is being said unless someone has made such laws, now someone / or act must come to our rescue in the sense of freedom of expression.

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