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Is Freedom of expression growing?

Is there an obvious conflict of opinion about Expression and Communication Freedom, with strong ethical implications.
What do you think?
I think it is highly relevant to have a conversation on the topic!
Do you?


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    Aug 20 2013: Not sure whether Freedom of expression as a whole is growing or not . What I feel is because of the availability of media like Internet we are able to express our thoughts / beliefs to a greater audience , earlier people could express those only among her/ his known circle of people.

    The other point is that as people now have access to lot more information their own thoughts / beliefs can be influenced by those which earlier used to shaped up by thoughts and beliefs of their own surroundings if s/he was not curious enough and open enough to explore different books .

    Not clear what it means by " conflict of opinion about expression and communication freedom ". Also what it means by " "strong ethical implication " of "Expression or Communication freedom" ? Would you please clarify with some real examples ?

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