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Is Freedom of expression growing?

Is there an obvious conflict of opinion about Expression and Communication Freedom, with strong ethical implications.
What do you think?
I think it is highly relevant to have a conversation on the topic!
Do you?


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    Aug 18 2013: Great interesting topic! :-)
    I guess one thing which is important is this : "Does the Freedom of expression include the license to offend?"
    And is a freedom of Intolerance, a form of "Freedom of Expression"? For instance, recently I have been reading "The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason" (By Sam Harris). This book preaches the idea that we should be intolerant of religious beliefs, due to the belief that they aren't based on rational reasoning and can be harmful. (Not sure how much I agree). Just thought that was something worth noting.
    I mean to expand this topic, you could argue that a "jehovah witness" shouldn't have the freedom to express his/her views if it is harmful... (e.g denying blood transplantations).

    Great topic by the way! I could go on forever, but I feel I would bore you and would waffle too much.
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      Aug 19 2013: No boredom at all Bernard!

      Offending is basically an UNTRUTHFUL subject. The problem is most of the time the offended is the one creating the offense by feeling offended. Some oriental cultures get offended by women showing their faces. Should we NOT express our thought on it because, folks would become offended?

      I would be much more worried about "rational reasoning" than from religious beliefs!

      What is "rational"? Actually rational thinking can only be as a the thinker's state of mind is!

      Should Religion communications be banned or restricted because some one "rationally thinks" it is harmful?

      Where is the rationality in such distorted reasoning?

      What would be disastrous would be the end of faith!. And it is happening. Now people don't trust their neighbors. Faith in their good will is lost. Do we believe banks are honest this days? No! We have lost faith on the banking system. Society... Is there faith in society? Legal systems is introducing what is called the "Enemy Penal Rights Code". No more acceptance of the presumption of Innocence. Each day, the notion of being guilty and having to prove your innocence is growing. Loss of faith in the good nature of human kind.
      So faith is not only, accepting and believing in Spiritual Powers, God and our Spiritual Nature. Faith is a VITAL state of mind for our well being.
      Loss of Faith is indeed VERY HARMFUL!
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      Aug 29 2013: Bernard, I posted some links for you on top of this conversation

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