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To what degree is sympathy towards a political party caused by the act of voting? (Cognitive dissonance)

Imagine being a first-time-voter, uninformed about the different political parties. It is easy to see, that you are likely to vote for the same party as your parents. Maybe you felt sympathy to that party before. Perhaps you did not care.

My question is, does the sympathy rise because of the act of voting?

You do not want to admit that you did a mistake. You start to filter information to match your action.
But cognitive dissonance is more than that: In an election there are always alternatives. You have to compromise, causing a cognitive dissonance, especially when your choice was wrong. You want to solve the dissonance by devaluing the alternative and appreciating the party you voted for.

This could also explain, why voters sometimes dislike rather similar parties more than differing parties. I see this in left parties in Germany.
I think it affects left parties more than other parties, because they want to help the poor, which is a very important and emotional topic.
Could this be a cause for the uprise of right parties? The left parties quarrel and the right parties rejoice? Can we overcome cognitive dissonance to act in concert?

What do you think about this?


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    Aug 22 2013: This may be unhelpful but to what degree is sympathy toward a political party caused by genetically inherited personality traits. If I'm a highly motivated individual with an aversion to asking for help even when I really need it, would I ever vote Liberal. If I'm laid-back and enjoy working in groups and have no attachment to material belongings would I ever vote conservative.
    • Aug 23 2013: And if I'm a rational human being not given to narrow-minded, dogmatic worldviews, would I ever lump all of humanity into "liberal" or "conservative"?
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        Aug 26 2013: Ah here is my problem, I don't like asking for help but lack the motivation to achieve much on my own, so I'm never sure who to vote for. ☺

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