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How can the unemployment numbers keep going down with all the cuts and reductions to under 25 hours (not full time).

CISCO just announced cuts of 4,000 all universities are cutting hours. The Arizona Republic just announced that ASU will cut 200 and reduction of hundreds to 25 hours a week maximum to save money before the Obamacare 30 hour rule comes into effect. About a month ago Mesa Community reduced 1,500 to 25 or less hours a week. Cuts, layoffs, and reductions are a national trend.

With thousands of cuts being announced every week how do the numbers of unemployed keep getting better.

Perhaps I need a math refresher course.


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  • Aug 15 2013: More people woeking fewer hours That's what one would expect now that we America is no longer rich. Other countries have been more concerned about their citizens. You may like politicans more than I and will find this offensive. But the business elites and politicians want to keep their jobs and refuse to tell us how bad things are. The leaders focus on the wrong variables we have serious structural problems.
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      Aug 15 2013: Yeah, your right one side serves red koolade and the other blue koolade.

      Wonder if things would be different if the guy in office could not campaign and could only publish his political record since the last election all taken from the congressional record. Things like how many votes, how many missed votes, how many trips, how many bills written, etc .... The ole what have you done for me ... and prove it. We give these people $250,000 a year with lots of perks. Shouldn't we monitor them and vote them out when they screw up? Your party means nothing to me when you screw me and rob me. That is why I am an independent.

      I think that a politician is a servant of the people when they forget that ... we need to remind them.

      I do not find your comment offensive. I admire your honesty and openness.

      Regards. Bob.
      • Aug 16 2013: Bob That's the sad point elections are so expensive certain people are always at the head of the line and the first to feed at the trough.

        This is very much like the two or three decades before the Great Depression. I remember one person reciting an old story that the Great Depression didn't end until the bankers were afraid. I am not sure that with these greatest bubbles in history growing larger larger and larger that there is much the average person can do except to have enough and in the right places to stay out of the way. We are in a time where some millionaires won't soon be so rich. We can see poorer people on the streets.

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