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How can the unemployment numbers keep going down with all the cuts and reductions to under 25 hours (not full time).

CISCO just announced cuts of 4,000 all universities are cutting hours. The Arizona Republic just announced that ASU will cut 200 and reduction of hundreds to 25 hours a week maximum to save money before the Obamacare 30 hour rule comes into effect. About a month ago Mesa Community reduced 1,500 to 25 or less hours a week. Cuts, layoffs, and reductions are a national trend.

With thousands of cuts being announced every week how do the numbers of unemployed keep getting better.

Perhaps I need a math refresher course.


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  • Aug 15 2013: Once you are "employed" even if it is 25 hours a week, you are no longer "unemployed". Same thing happens that once you stop looking for a job you are no longer counted in the numbers.

    Get you statistics and twist them as you please.

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