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In a modern globalised world, how do you build or adapt your identity?

Bauman (Identity in the Globalizing World; 2001) writes that 'needing to become what one is is the feature of modern living'.
What means do you use to become yourself? Are they represented offline, online, or both? How do you build your identity? Is it easier or harder to maintain an identity when so much of our lives is online?


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    Aug 19 2013: Hello Bethany:>)
    One very basic belief of mine, is that the human life adventure is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as an individual, while contributing to the whole. So, wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, however I interact with people is an opportunity to contribute to that basic idea.

    I was born with a certain identity, and every moment of the life experience contributes to how I choose to use and expand that identity. The only way I choose to identify myself is as a human "being". I am "being" all that I can be in each and every moment, with curiosity, full engagement in the moment and intent to learn and grow. This is true no matter who I am with, where I am, or what the particular interaction is. I am who and what I am, and everything/everyone throughout the life experience has contributed to "me", which is always a work in progress.

    You ask..."What means do you use to become yourself?"

    I ask you...who else could I be?
    • Aug 19 2013: Who else could you be?... You've yet to discover the joys of MPD :)
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        Aug 19 2013: Who, or what is MPD?

        Which MPD do you refer to?

        Edit regarding comment below.
        You are correct "Steven Why"... I have not discovered anything in myself about Personality Disorders.
        • Aug 19 2013: Multiple Personality Disorder. But I think disorder is such a unfair characterization.

          If life is just a game of probabilities - think of it as multiple chances to succeed :)
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      Aug 21 2013: I love these ideas Colleen - such insight, it is very similar to things I've been working on lately with my own identity (I think yoga helps a lot, for me at least). Mindfulness is surely our responsible to all other people we are interacting with.
      I also love the idea that each moment is contributing in some way to your identity. For example, I have become highly conscious of each dollar I have been spending this year, in terms of environmental awareness of the foods I buy etc. If you look at each dollar and make it count, then you can change the world.
      If you look at each piece of interaction and experience you have as building on your identity, then you can change yourself for the better everyday.
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        Aug 21 2013: I love these ideas too Bethany, which is why I embraced them many years ago:>)

        I like yoga too, which serves to center oneself, stretch, strengthen and balance the body and mind. Mindfulness, to me, is simply living the human life experience with curiosity...constantly exploring.

        Good idea to become conscious of how we are spending, because as you say, it helps to focus our attention on how our spending impacts our environment and the foods we put into the body.

        I believe that changes begin with us as individuals, and as you say, with the change in ourselves, we are contributing to changing our world:>)

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