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In a modern globalised world, how do you build or adapt your identity?

Bauman (Identity in the Globalizing World; 2001) writes that 'needing to become what one is is the feature of modern living'.
What means do you use to become yourself? Are they represented offline, online, or both? How do you build your identity? Is it easier or harder to maintain an identity when so much of our lives is online?


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    Aug 18 2013: Hi, Bethany. In my humble opinion, the fact our lives are online is not so fundamental for building our identity. We must know how to recognize ourselves, and we must always feel who we are, and where we go. It's (very) important to know how the others see us, be online or in other different ways. And I think this is because the relationship with other people is essential (and usually grateful) for humans. We need the others. It's part of our social condition.
    I think the building of our identities is a process lasting all along our lives. And adaptation is a condition, not only of survival, but also of a superior intelligence,
    So, I think our efforts must be directed to be poperly ourselves, feel as authentic, honest and truly people, caring of and growing up the better human qualities.... and enjoying while we do it.
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      Aug 19 2013: I completely agree, Sean. I think the debate of whether the online world changes who we are is an interesting one. However, I completely agree that it is not personally fundamental in identity construction, and that identity is a life long, adaptive relationship that we have with ourselves and others. Thanks for the input!
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        Aug 19 2013: Yes, Bethany, I also agree with you. In an 'online' world as ours, this debate is very interesting one. We all are implicated about the (fascinating) task of running it correctly. ;-)
        Good topic!

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