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In a modern globalised world, how do you build or adapt your identity?

Bauman (Identity in the Globalizing World; 2001) writes that 'needing to become what one is is the feature of modern living'.
What means do you use to become yourself? Are they represented offline, online, or both? How do you build your identity? Is it easier or harder to maintain an identity when so much of our lives is online?


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  • Aug 18 2013: Definitely the means to to become oneself are represented both online and offline and at the same time is attributed to no. of factors viz the society, background in terms of geographical ,lingual and vernacular dimensions ,and it is all like a body traversing in a 3D , we grow,we learn , we unlearn ,we adapt, all these processes get added to each of our Dimensions adding to our identity an array of characterization, with each observer at different locations,at different point of time and different set of conditions ,drawing perceptions accordingly,
    This is just like lot of colors coming together to form white light, and wherever necessary different colors coming out to serve different roles and purposes in this Colorful World.
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      Aug 19 2013: Thankyou Amaan, such a great perspective with some really interesting ideas!

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