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Revolution! ... or peaceful protest? What is the best method for change, and why should we be talking about it?

So, you want a revolution.

Is America due for radical change? What changes would you make? How would you go about making them? What methods bring real results?

And finally, what do you believe is the breaking point for revolution/rebellion?

My opinion to come shortly.


Closing Statement from Mandy Fisher

The conversation may be closed, but the topic is only beginning to brew. Thank you all for your comments. Let's continue the conversation, and perhaps we'll find we arrive at a feasible solution.

Until next time...

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  • Aug 28 2013: Given that the rich amasses the fortune they can not be spent by themselves and the poor struggle just to eat and live, yes, America needs some change. But the change always should be gradual, because the sudden and abrupt change always brings inequality. If the government decided to tax more on rich people and give that money to poor people, it would make the poorest happy. Seemingly these kinds of simple intervention looks effective. We, however, cannot forget that those rich people got there privileged situation with a great effort and luck. If we simply taxed the rich, many people might stop working hard to be rich.
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      Aug 28 2013: That is a good observation Kazu. The idea of taxing the rich to appease the poor is a failing model. Not only will it negatively affect those who work hard to become successful, it will not, contrary to many beliefs, help the poor in a meaningful, lasting way. A hand-out is rarely valued compared to effort and reward, and by giving something for nothing, expectation is bred, and thus, entitlement.

      A better method would be a way to encourage and assist the poor in promoting themselves and their livelihood. Have you heard about micro-financing?
      • Aug 28 2013: Actually taxing the rich and using the money for programs to encourage the poor to do well is one of the best social models through history, its what kept multiple empires alive in ancient days.

        Today the larger a business the fewer people (proportionately) that it hires, not to mention that it funnels money out of local areas to somewhere a ways off. The solution I think would be best is to implement a heavier tax of individuals earning more than 800k a year or something like that, and a heavier corporate tax on businesses earning more than 600 mil a year or something. This would not only stifle the growth of megabusinesses allowing smaller businesses to be created and grow it would also help fill government coffers allowing for increased spending on education/health care etc.

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