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Revolution! ... or peaceful protest? What is the best method for change, and why should we be talking about it?

So, you want a revolution.

Is America due for radical change? What changes would you make? How would you go about making them? What methods bring real results?

And finally, what do you believe is the breaking point for revolution/rebellion?

My opinion to come shortly.


Closing Statement from Mandy Fisher

The conversation may be closed, but the topic is only beginning to brew. Thank you all for your comments. Let's continue the conversation, and perhaps we'll find we arrive at a feasible solution.

Until next time...

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    Aug 27 2013: *Full blown blood in the street civil war is my first thought, but with homeland security buying enough ammo to kill every civilian five times we need to switch to plan B.
    *Peaceful protest will not work, for one reason they can ID and punish every protester. Via face recognition software and having every ID photo in their data base.
    *A military takeover would work and with the US multi branch military system, the treat of permanent military rule is slim. (But there is not much we can to get that going)
    Considering the military has done its part in keeping us free, and we the civilians have given our liberty away, maybe military rule would be better.

    A Change we need to do is with how we educate, no more government controlled education.
    *Ending the monopoly on education that the two puppet parties control, is a key step that has to be taken. (Education needs to be a mixture of local, national and international online classes with some home/ voucher schooling) and Kids need to learn self-reliance, for without that you can’t have independence and liberty.
    *Employers need to stop paying base on university education, and pay based on performance. We all know the universities are an enemy to the American way, and need to stop supporting them.
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      Aug 28 2013: Yes yes yes! Education is key. Don, I agree with your points. My question to you is... How can we implement this?
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        Aug 28 2013: How can we implement this? (Good Question :) )
        There will be two aspects to Education, online and in schools.

        Online will be equal for everybody in the world, rather the student is the son of a rich King, or an orphan in the poorest place on earth. The same distinguished classes and teachers will be available.
        All the online educators worldwide will need to be connected to a source, with standards, teacher and class ratings, class prerequisites, a verification system, and a means for employers and others to see a student’ achievements.
        This will allow students to take classes from any teacher they want, exposing them to views and opinions and not just those from the local school.

        Schools will need shift from “lecture classrooms with teachers” to “labs and workshops with education couches”. As stated in this talk I just found this morning.
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          Aug 28 2013: I'll check out that talk shortly, thank you for sharing.

          I love it Don, and I too believe this would drastically improve education. You are correct, the long-term change must start with our youth. True education: the promotion of curiosity, innovation, and philosophy; why did we forget this?!

          It's due time to stop pumping out factory workers and begin promoting the human imagination.

          Let's bring back the explorers, the inventors, and the philosophers. Let us find our humanity again!

          Don, I'd love to talk more on this subject soon. Ideas are the beginning, but action is the change.

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