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Revolution! ... or peaceful protest? What is the best method for change, and why should we be talking about it?

So, you want a revolution.

Is America due for radical change? What changes would you make? How would you go about making them? What methods bring real results?

And finally, what do you believe is the breaking point for revolution/rebellion?

My opinion to come shortly.


Closing Statement from Mandy Fisher

The conversation may be closed, but the topic is only beginning to brew. Thank you all for your comments. Let's continue the conversation, and perhaps we'll find we arrive at a feasible solution.

Until next time...

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  • Aug 27 2013: The real problem is people just don't work on responsibility or freedom, most people are incredibly stupid and need leadership. Religion is proof of this. There will always be heirarchy and authority simply because of the laws of nature. In the universe there is entropy (things, including people, tend to fall apart over time).

    Everything in the universe has structure, those structures are subject to stresses and forces over time and thereby cause mis-alignment (i.e. thats how we have disease, different perspectives, etc, etc).

    The reality is there IS one reality but the human mind is divided into many different sub realities where no agreement is possible, because each mind is it's own universe. Each person or group of people see's and believes and has different values. Which means fundamentally they want to create different worlds. So conflict is inevitable.
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      Aug 28 2013: You are correct Bob. Conflict is inevitable, but is that excuse to do nothing? We know we are heading toward death, but we keep the ecstasy of life within us.

      At least in the foreseeable future, the masses will always need a leader, a governing body. Yet, we must demand a rule that "governs less" and inspires more.
      • Aug 28 2013: Then you have to accept that there are some people you have to disqualify from power/participation because they are permanently lost because of biological inability to perceive the world accurately. It's no one's fault, it's just the nature of our world.

        A mind is built using biological resources, if there isn't enough quality in the make of the mind/person then you're going to get self-destructive, ignorant and deluded behavior based on inability to see and understand the environment.

        The great irony of history, is that our morality is not based on scientific evidence regarding what is best for our survival. The older views that their exists superior and inferior specimens of mankind IS true, but mankind has always been too immature to know how to deal with it.

        Technically ignorance/stupidity it would be a health problem, something along the lines of disability/mental illness. But telling that to millions of people, especially members of the upper class who think their minds function healthy and they would look at you like you were mad.

        Our history and the predatory social model of our capitalist world unfortunately has lead to this state of affairs, we have too many predatory humans who can't think or perceive the world accurately or are lacking ethical/compassionate traits that lead to sane adult perspectives of how to live and behave.
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          Aug 28 2013: Indeed.

          Although it seems harsh, it is reality. I personally believe in reincarnation and classify the above described people as being "young souls". If you see an individual as such, you will be less likely to treat the other as inferior. I do not believe any human being is "better" then another, but simply more developed intellectually. We must find a way to promote goodness and change in everyone, including those seemingly uninterested; this my friend, is the start of real change.
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      Aug 28 2013: I fully agree in fact in my profile under “An idea worth spreading” I have “Living by the Nine Noble Virtues;
      Courage, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self-Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverance and
      Truth (AI: truth being something you always seek to discover, have the Courage see and accept, and the Discipline to act on, as well as speak.)”

      And I believe Self-Reliance is vital, and sadly it seems that too many Americans believe in Government-Reliance.
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        Aug 28 2013: Don Anderson, I really like you.

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