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Revolution! ... or peaceful protest? What is the best method for change, and why should we be talking about it?

So, you want a revolution.

Is America due for radical change? What changes would you make? How would you go about making them? What methods bring real results?

And finally, what do you believe is the breaking point for revolution/rebellion?

My opinion to come shortly.


Closing Statement from Mandy Fisher

The conversation may be closed, but the topic is only beginning to brew. Thank you all for your comments. Let's continue the conversation, and perhaps we'll find we arrive at a feasible solution.

Until next time...

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  • Aug 17 2013: More people are starting to realise that money is at the root of a lot of our problems. Our price system encourages bad behaviour.
    The debate about how we should move forward is still in its infancy. We are moving slowly into a new era of open debate through the Internet. Governments no longer have control over information.
    It's almost akin to "The Matrix", where people are waking up to the idea that not everything is what it appears to be.
    Politics today is all about the spin with very little substance.
    In America some scientists and engineers devised an alternative system 80 years ago and yet few people have heard of it.
    With all the technology at our disposal today, we could all benefit from more leisure time and access to everything

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