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Revolution! ... or peaceful protest? What is the best method for change, and why should we be talking about it?

So, you want a revolution.

Is America due for radical change? What changes would you make? How would you go about making them? What methods bring real results?

And finally, what do you believe is the breaking point for revolution/rebellion?

My opinion to come shortly.


Closing Statement from Mandy Fisher

The conversation may be closed, but the topic is only beginning to brew. Thank you all for your comments. Let's continue the conversation, and perhaps we'll find we arrive at a feasible solution.

Until next time...

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    Aug 15 2013: Ive had many revolutions,,in my own life and I remember why I changed,how and why..but I dont know everbody ellse..so this is all theory..It would be naive to think that peaceful would slide silently in and embarrass away all the excess,or aggressive..so change in my life happened most often from violence,,im just lucky I veered towards selfsacrifice ,rather then immitating my oppressors...what made me stay kind was I have a fantasy from youth about superman,robinhood,batman..and it affixed my behaviour thusly..If I were going to organize a change of heart..and this is a serious talk..I would dress in a bunny suit,,great for pictures if I am bludgeoned by police..and defiinitely indicates a peaceful orient..I would play music about connextion and social resposibility as Im protesting..to inspire me and make the response by authorities absurd..I would create perfectly made signs that clearly depict my goala and hire street graffiti artists to redesign alleyways into future pathways for human interaction,I would have at least one farm in downtown for people to reconnect to their food and consider how it should be grown..I would take one neighbourhood and paint the street pink,buildings orange,yellow,ect just to illustrate..change is possible,,,I would volunteer to be a human butler for a week to a city counsillor just to see really how hard their job is..why its so ineffective a position..I would bring lunch to bank managers for free to see how their jobs paraliize them into cogs in a system..I would have a music concert with poets and artists and short plays asking for intelligent ideas on HOW DO WE WANT TO BE?..its not just enough to complain..but what are we aiming for? remember a rebellion,just means different..it does not ensure better..Would you reccomend I start sewing my bunny costume soon?

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