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Can you make up for the lack of sleep?

First part of this question is quite obvious:
- with naps or sleeping in on the weekends, can I make up some of the sleep I lack at night since most of us have those dreadful 9-5 workdays?

second part (which is harder) is if I realize I have been sleep deprived my whole life (teenage years, and early twenties) (but TONS during college years)
is it possible to make up for those damages later on or has it already set in and is going to permanently effect me?


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    Sep 2 2013: I try, regardless of the possibility. I think more than anything, restful sleep is require to "make-up" those lost hours. If you can get restful sleep over the course of 5 hours, that is more restorative than 8-12 hours of "restless sleep." Just from my own experience. Now, how can you get your sleep to be restful? I don't know. No medicine has been able to produce it, in my experience. I've had luck occasionally with alcohol, but not consistently, and like he said, it's not a long term solution. More than anything... I've found being satisfied with your day makes for satisfying sleep. Days when I get a lot done, where I get some exercise, and have some fun are prime examples. If I leave work unfinished, my sleep is not restful until it's concluded. Just my experience, not really anything super scientific, just my own observations. Alarm clocks are the bane of my existence.

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