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Can you make up for the lack of sleep?

First part of this question is quite obvious:
- with naps or sleeping in on the weekends, can I make up some of the sleep I lack at night since most of us have those dreadful 9-5 workdays?

second part (which is harder) is if I realize I have been sleep deprived my whole life (teenage years, and early twenties) (but TONS during college years)
is it possible to make up for those damages later on or has it already set in and is going to permanently effect me?


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    Sep 2 2013: I have been a 3-hour sleeper since I was a baby! I am now 62 and still don't need a lot of sleep. I am grateful for my computers! If I miss a day (usually one or two a week, I have no problems the next day. However, after 3 days, I need to rest and, sometimes, it is hard to do. I do not sleep at night, so I sleep in the morning or early evening. Am I sleep deprived? Every now and then, yes. However, with all of this extra time, I have been able to do more, read more, see more and such than most people are able to! during my university years, I slept only 2 hours each day, 4 days each week. I survived, but I would definitely say that I was sleep deprived at that time. However, I did this for 3 years during graduate school.

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