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TED-Ed needs your help! Where can we find the best videos?

I'm compiling a list of videos that I can put before the people who are creating lessons on the TED-Ed website (ed.ted.com). The videos that we suggest should be impeccable -- quality of video, content of video, and it's appropriateness for a high school classroom. They also have to be on YouTube.

Here's a few examples of amazing videos:

1) What Color Is A Mirror?
2) Cicadas and Exoskeletons: Bite Sci-zed
3) Why is it Dark at Night?
4) High Diving Giraffes (we can contextualize any quality video)
5) Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics (I had to include a cat video)
6) The Quakers, the Dutch, and the Ladies

Don't worry about suggesting TED Talks or TEDx Talks. We're already creating lessons around that content. I'm looking for amazing videos that people may not know about yet.



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    Aug 15 2013: I have two that I've watched recently and LOVED

    ASAP Science
    All their videos are short and so interesting

    Tropes vs Women in Video Games:
    Although Anita Sarkeesian already gave a TED Talk, her 3 part videos on Tropes vs Women in Video Games is impeccable.
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      Aug 15 2013: Thank you, Matt! These are precisely the kinds of videos I am talking about.

      asapSCIENCE is an incredible channel. It's focused, succinct, and brilliantly executed. It's as if they optimize their content for the classroom, you know? I think if I were still in a science class, I would LOVE to watch these videos.

      Sarkeesian's videos are also really wonderful. They are a bit longer than I think most teachers would use in a classroom, but they are still short enough to flip and contextualize. Great find!

      Thanks for sharing!

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