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How are students educated in schools in YOUR country, where you came from?

Each country has a different education system. In most of the Eastern countries, students are only forced to go to great universities, in spite of their careers and what they want to do in the future. Since I am a student in South Korea, I am forced to only get good scores on exams and surrounded with full of excessive competitions among students. The whole society forces us to go to a famous college and just to gain reputations.

However, many people detect that the current education system is on the wrong track; and although a lot of people stood up in order to reform it, not many significant changes have happened. So I am willing to make an organization to change the current education system and lead the students into the right way of future. Before I actually put it into practice, I really want to hear from all of you about what your countries' real purpose of education is and how students are educated in schools. It would help me learn about education systems from all around the world, from diversity of countries. I would certainly appreciate your participation!

When I was researching for education around the world, I came to a conclusion that every nation's education is deeply connected with different cultures and historical backgrounds. So if you know anything about your country's history or cultures related to education, I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S Since I am a middle school student and have assignments to complete, it would take sone time for me to answer your comments. If you don't mind, I might write you back little later.


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  • Sep 14 2013: I'm happy to have read all these comments. I agree with all of yo that our school system needs kind of a revolution because the evolution takes too much time. I have seen Sir Ken Robinsons speeches and I fully aggree with his I deas because this is what I think about since I went to school. But there is a good thing about all this I happen to be part of as a former student of the international school: Ecole d'Humanit√© www.ecole.ch in Switzerland. In this boarding school founders and teachers were working on all the points that have been mentioned in these comments.e.g. Find out about what kids would like to do, what their spirit gave them to perform their life. Classes with no more than 10 kids, of course learning all the basics about math, physics, chemistry but also music, theatre, wood carving, mountain climbing aso., This way I had a very inspiring time at school, but after 4 years I had to go back to the schools all of you mentioned and that was a catastrophy. The Ecole d'Humanite is still serving as the model of a school all of you might dream of. Learning for life, thats what they offer, and later on we would have to go to universities or institutes that help us following our dreams in a good way. And most Schools and Institutes with their staff for further Education are not yet prepared, and it is still a long way to go. All of you who have experienced a different kind of educational systems can help creating this new world we urgently need. Sir Ken Robinson does a wonderful job so does Kahn with his Kahn academy and there are lots of people thriving to make a change. This Conversations need s to be ongoing because changes need the power, the power of your mind and also money. Bill Gates is one of a lot more who already support those going in this direction, So keep it up and get people involved. We all can do it!

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