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How are students educated in schools in YOUR country, where you came from?

Each country has a different education system. In most of the Eastern countries, students are only forced to go to great universities, in spite of their careers and what they want to do in the future. Since I am a student in South Korea, I am forced to only get good scores on exams and surrounded with full of excessive competitions among students. The whole society forces us to go to a famous college and just to gain reputations.

However, many people detect that the current education system is on the wrong track; and although a lot of people stood up in order to reform it, not many significant changes have happened. So I am willing to make an organization to change the current education system and lead the students into the right way of future. Before I actually put it into practice, I really want to hear from all of you about what your countries' real purpose of education is and how students are educated in schools. It would help me learn about education systems from all around the world, from diversity of countries. I would certainly appreciate your participation!

When I was researching for education around the world, I came to a conclusion that every nation's education is deeply connected with different cultures and historical backgrounds. So if you know anything about your country's history or cultures related to education, I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S Since I am a middle school student and have assignments to complete, it would take sone time for me to answer your comments. If you don't mind, I might write you back little later.


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    Aug 31 2013: I believe education system these days are built to meet certain needs required by capitalistic society. In many education centers the central idea will be like- how to make money once they finish education rather than teaching them on how to obtain enlightenment. I studied 7th grade in a school where timings are from 8AM-9PM and in that school,there is absolutely no sports nor mental recreational activities. Students are forced to do math,physics,chemistry and memorize all the formulas to pass IIT examinations.I am very glad that I was fortunate enough to leave that school and join a better one.I still feel bad for the thousands of kids stuck in that system,where their natural talents are cut off just because they need to pass some random exam to get into a college .
    The entire idea of education is misunderstood-
    People should not seek education for material gain rather they should be encouraged to seek education for enlightenment...
    India needs to invest in "TRUE EDUCATION".We need more enlightened youth population.We need education system which teaches kids to help society and interact with nature . We need education system which unites all of the caste people together.Indian education system should focus on developing "Open-Minded" individuals.
    What is INDIAN education system doing now ? ..They are just teaching kids how to pass a certain examination.
    And again,India has the largest youth population but what is the point of that population when they are all blinded by money making education centers. They will teach their kids the same and this cycle will continue.That is why we must act now.....we must change the education system...."to create by any means necessary a situation that goes beyond point of no return."
    • Sep 1 2013: I appreciate your response! You know what, studying from 8 AM to 9 PM is quite an easy life for a teenager in South Korea. Those high school students who want to get into prestigious universities study from 7 AM to 1 AM. Some are even worse, without barely having enough time to sleep. It is because we have private education, almost every student getting it. We also have this exam called 'Su-neung', which totally determinds which universities we go. This is concerned as the most important thing in our lives, every single high school student spending their whole 3 years of high school just preparing for this one test. There is no time for highschool students to develop their abilities nor prepare for future. It seems like all they want from us is to achieve perfect scores on exams.

      I have seen alot of people from India trying to change the educational system. All you said about India's system is truly right. Although I am in the same situation as those students, I feel sorry for them as well.
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        Sep 2 2013: I wonder why education has to be so cumbersome.Why cant it be fun?
        Why cant I get the same feeling while studying math,like the feeling I get feeling while I am playing soccer...I think it is like that because we learn academics with no purpose for a long time that we don't even recognize the importance of it.
        For example: When I train hard for soccer , I know that in the next days match I will be able to do new tricks. Since it is a quick implementation, I will be interested in doing it. If education is also quick implementation instead of 6 years of studying for one single exam.Then people will start enjoying education as well.We need to make education fun. The math should have a meaning in life , it should be connected rather that just solving variables on sheet to upgrade to next class.

        Even the environment matters.Students should be taught under a tree rather than box class rooms. They should be able to pass the over all grade only if they contribute something to the society and fellow species or attempt to do so.

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