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Why are the alternate power sources not being implemented on a world-wide scale? There is a tipping point and we must be close by now!!!

Solar panels
Wind Turbines

We all see the signs of the world changing. Ice caps disappearing, mega storms, tempature rise, ect.
Yet we are more concerned with royal babies, wars, and profits.
We will have none of that if this planet stops supporting life as we know it.
This is a back burner issue always used for politics but never solved by politics.
Turn the heat up on this, the Earth is!


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    Sep 5 2013: Mr. Kable
    I can appreciate your passion for renewable energy and the promises made by it's most outspoken proponents.
    In the past, I too became a passionate spokesman for causes that portended great salvation for troubled humanity.
    In old age comes the wisdom of .unintended consequences. Many comments in this conversation have addressed those perceived consequences. Are they all correct? Maybe not, however too many will be. I am not against renewable energy generation, in my own area, these resources have been integrated into a viable plan to provide power energy at a reasonable cost to consumers. That is the best one can hope. Maybe, in a few hundred years, technology will provide a new source of energy that will meet all the requirements of all. One can only hope.
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      Sep 9 2013: Well thank you very much Mike. I really do appreciate it and have given thought to such consequences, environmentally, of course. I can't put a monetary value on our survival or the earths survival. I immediately think solar panels would increase global temperatures due to the reflective surface. Tidal and Hydro-Electric would interfere with the ecosystem IF implemented in a plan that hasn't been thoroughly thought out. As for Wind, I don't really see anything besides one breaking to peices and crashing to the ground. Nature is strong and will work around the turbines without hesitation, as long as we don't use paint that is poison or materials that rust. Which is all possible we just have to stay committed to it.

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