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Why are the alternate power sources not being implemented on a world-wide scale? There is a tipping point and we must be close by now!!!

Solar panels
Wind Turbines

We all see the signs of the world changing. Ice caps disappearing, mega storms, tempature rise, ect.
Yet we are more concerned with royal babies, wars, and profits.
We will have none of that if this planet stops supporting life as we know it.
This is a back burner issue always used for politics but never solved by politics.
Turn the heat up on this, the Earth is!


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      Aug 28 2013: I flagged this as spam as the link is to a site that gives no referencing to its claims and seeks donations.
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          Aug 30 2013: So the NIRS is a registered charity?
          The references I was looking for were the ones that should be there to demonstrate the validity of the 11 claims. The first three contain obvious factual errors.
          1)" it was the largest single release of radioactivity to date," This is a misquote, the word uncontrolled has been removed, the original statement excludes nuclear tests as they are controlled.
          2) There are several ways to dispose of nuclear waste they are just very expensive. You could shoot it into space on a tragectory perpendicular to the ecliptic for example.
          3)"Chernobyl has caused permanent contamination of food and water and children." No radioactivity lasts for ever so the contamination may be long term but it isn't permanent.

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