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Why are the alternate power sources not being implemented on a world-wide scale? There is a tipping point and we must be close by now!!!

Solar panels
Wind Turbines

We all see the signs of the world changing. Ice caps disappearing, mega storms, tempature rise, ect.
Yet we are more concerned with royal babies, wars, and profits.
We will have none of that if this planet stops supporting life as we know it.
This is a back burner issue always used for politics but never solved by politics.
Turn the heat up on this, the Earth is!


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  • Aug 28 2013: Caesar Ducant

    Look at the graph of US coal production by year


    Now compare that with the graph from energy produced by Nuclear power plants in the US


    Is this a joke? Yes, Coal power requires hoops and hurdles, but it is much, much easier to get the permits than it is for Nuclear because no one gets permits for nuclear. Not in the US. Not since 1979.

    That was my initial point. I have no idea what your point has been.
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      • Aug 28 2013: The context of the comment was that it is very difficult to build nuclear power plants. Look at the graphs, it is obviously much, much easier to expand coal than to build nuclear. The fact that it is a byzantine process with lots of hoops to jump through doesn't "make it hard". These are relative terms, not absolutes. If I define "getting a permit for a Nuclear plant" as hard, then by definition it is "much, much easier to expand an existing coal plant".

        I am not confusing either one. My point is simple, no one was factoring in the political process. Based on the political process Nuclear is a non issue and pointless to discuss whereas coal is not.
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      • Aug 28 2013: Yes, and meanwhile coal production in this country is growing exponentially because coal exports are growing exponentially.

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