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Why are the alternate power sources not being implemented on a world-wide scale? There is a tipping point and we must be close by now!!!

Solar panels
Wind Turbines

We all see the signs of the world changing. Ice caps disappearing, mega storms, tempature rise, ect.
Yet we are more concerned with royal babies, wars, and profits.
We will have none of that if this planet stops supporting life as we know it.
This is a back burner issue always used for politics but never solved by politics.
Turn the heat up on this, the Earth is!


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    Aug 15 2013: Most businesses that put the environment before profit simply went broke, because they couldn't compete with those short-sighted businesses who put making money first.
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      Aug 16 2013: business ought to be as shortsighted as the market demands. companies do not have valuations. only people have. if people don't care about the global warming, nor should companies.
      • Aug 18 2013: So, how do you propose forcing companies to "care"? Prison? Executions?
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          Aug 18 2013: i don't want to force them. i don't want them to care. i don't want my lawnmower to care about the grass or the noise. i don't want my knife to care about the vegetables, meats or my finger. i don't want corporations to care about anything other than delivering the product or service they are created for. i want the consumer to care. i want people to care.

          that is the biggest problem we have. people don't care, but that's OK, because they blame it on someone else. they happily buy fish, and at the same time blame companies for overfishing, or governments for not regulating or badly regulating. all they have to do is not to buy wild fish, problem solved. but of course that won't happen. blaming someone else is so much easier, and we all love wild fish.
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      Aug 18 2013: That is so true Dale! Thank you! That is the mentality that's going to ruin us. If i was rich i would try to solve it myself but I'm not.
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        Aug 18 2013: You don't have to be rich to help. One thing everyone can do is buy eco-friendly products like Krisztián suggested above.

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