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Why are the alternate power sources not being implemented on a world-wide scale? There is a tipping point and we must be close by now!!!

Solar panels
Wind Turbines

We all see the signs of the world changing. Ice caps disappearing, mega storms, tempature rise, ect.
Yet we are more concerned with royal babies, wars, and profits.
We will have none of that if this planet stops supporting life as we know it.
This is a back burner issue always used for politics but never solved by politics.
Turn the heat up on this, the Earth is!


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    Aug 15 2013: Jah, I cannot speak for the rest of the world ... so lets talk the USA. All of the green initiatives that the administration has supported, funded, or mandated have failed. The current schedule to close all coal fired power plants that is being hotly pursued is a plan for national grid failure. Nuclear power is being regulated to death. The fifty plants in design are down to two.

    This is the time for serious people to make rational sane long range decisions .... not the time for politicians to seek votes. To continue on this path is a sure fire means of destroying the current grid system and reducing the available power and driving companies out of business with no means of recovery.

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      Aug 16 2013: I only want to ask one thing Bob, What green initiatives did they support? I don't believe they gave real sustainable initiatives a fighting chance. There is always a financial setback even thought running things with these types of power would save money and pay for themselves eventually. The savings from not buying oil and the free energy would be a stimulation to our economy and what can come from that is endless.

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