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What is the future of the internal combustion engine?

Some people believe this engine will be phased out eventually. Others think it'll only get better and better as the years roll on. I think there's an an upper boundary to how much better it can become, and therefore there'll come a day when someone will build a museum for them. What do you think?

With electric vehicles on the horizon and battery technology improving each year, a bright future for these engines is becoming harder and harder to see.


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    Sep 13 2013: Two unusually interesting possibilities:


    • Sep 14 2013: Thank you for this link. I wish I had known about this technology in April as the corporation I work for had an open forum on sustainability. I suggested that unless the oil markets collapse they should invest in replacing their fleet with a new motor. I suggested the ecomotor but wished I had the information on MYT which seems a better option considering their power requirements. The MYT servo it seems can have an additional purpose that needs to be explored. With the kind of power output it would be ideal as the power source for industrial robots or prosthetic/bionics or mobility chairs. A TED talk on DARMA inventions had a product of a robotic camel which if it had the MYT motor could be self sufficient using local cooking oil. This is just my opinion but it will be hard to replace the standard combustion motor for the financial gains it creates for dealers, who rely on a complex motor to need complex servicing.

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