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What is the future of the internal combustion engine?

Some people believe this engine will be phased out eventually. Others think it'll only get better and better as the years roll on. I think there's an an upper boundary to how much better it can become, and therefore there'll come a day when someone will build a museum for them. What do you think?

With electric vehicles on the horizon and battery technology improving each year, a bright future for these engines is becoming harder and harder to see.


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  • Sep 6 2013: Hie,
    Certainly IC Engines will get replaced completely by other means like Steam turbines or air compressors or Gas turbines in further 2 to 3 decades. One of the best live examples for this is JAGUAR's CX-75 concept car which has replaced ICE by Micro Gas Turbine Engine. And also one of the main reasons is whole the world looking towards the future of Electric Cars and Electric Bikes, in order to get zero emission and to protect ecological balance, where there will be no place for IC Engines. So I will strongly say that "there is a day which is an END for present Internal Combustion Engines (Piston-cylinder type) "

    You can see about Jaguar's CX-75 concept car in the following links →

    • Sep 6 2013: Interesting idea of using a scale down turbine + electric hybrid. I wonder what the mass production cost would be for this technology outside the high performance car category? I looked for the mpg and saw that they was predicting 55. But I suspected that it was based on gas + electric calculations. I guessing the mpg is approximately 35 mpg based on the extended range figures versus the size of the fuel tank.

      I believe this car tech is more about performance. An electric motor does not have to have a transmission and can out accelerate an ICE powered automobile. Jaguar not only gets to build a hybrid to look good, but they build one that blows the others away. It will be interesting although to see if this will lead to other technology that may pave the way for replacing the internal combustion piston powered engine.

      Correct me if I am wrong but my estimate on mpg is based on the 560 extended miles and the 60 liter tank. 60 liters works out to be 15.8503 gallons. So 560 / 15.8503 = 35.330 mpg. When I throw in the extra 66 miles for EV that brings the total up to 39.494 mpge. This is about 15 mpg difference. The only other explanation is that Jaguar is expecting the driver would only burn 11.38 gallons between fillings.

      Oh course the only way to know for sure is to do a live test instead of trying to extrapolate it from range vs fuel storage.

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