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What is the future of the internal combustion engine?

Some people believe this engine will be phased out eventually. Others think it'll only get better and better as the years roll on. I think there's an an upper boundary to how much better it can become, and therefore there'll come a day when someone will build a museum for them. What do you think?

With electric vehicles on the horizon and battery technology improving each year, a bright future for these engines is becoming harder and harder to see.


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  • Sep 5 2013: Like the buggy whip, the crank telephone along with party lines, the film camera, and the manual typewriter, the internal combustion engine will one day be something in museums or your crazy uncle still uses. What will replace it? Contributors have added numerous possibilities. I give the ICE maybe 50 years, maybe two generations. Someone in the writings stated it would take a 1000 years to be completely replaced. Well since they only last a couple dozen years, once there is a competitive alternative be it chemical, electrical, atomic, etc.;the ICE will be out in one generation.

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