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What is the future of the internal combustion engine?

Some people believe this engine will be phased out eventually. Others think it'll only get better and better as the years roll on. I think there's an an upper boundary to how much better it can become, and therefore there'll come a day when someone will build a museum for them. What do you think?

With electric vehicles on the horizon and battery technology improving each year, a bright future for these engines is becoming harder and harder to see.


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  • Aug 23 2013: There will be better engines. Just reflect a bit on engines history shall we? first true engine is the steam power, provide kinetic energy by generating and regulating steam, it is slow to start and bulky, yet it's the majority engine type at that time. nowadays steam engine belong in some type of power plants and the museum. then comes the age of combustion engine, it's much more compact than steam engine for the same power ratio, run on more active chemical reaction, faster to start and nowadays engine can be very smooth, efficient and quiet on the run. but there are limits into it: it involve lots of moving parts and eventually reach its minimum possible size. now in 10 or 20 years the electromagnetic based engine will be more prevalent. it has less moving parts, operate at lower temperature and has better efficiency, and probably manufactured out of 3D printer. but it's not the end. as we understand more about other types of energy fields, there will come engines utilizing probably gravity fields, with even much smaller size providing huge kinetic push, probably enough to levitate. just wait a couple more hundred years into it :) but there will be better engines. it's more on better technology rather than availability of fuel. since steam is still well available nowadays.

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