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The New Zealand government is planning to impose the fat tax on food. Do you agree or disagree for this issue?

The government is planning to put a tax on unhealthy food to encourage many people on choosing healthier foods and by increase their life expectancy. Moreover, if the government impose it many people have to spend less for their medication treatment. However, if it is impose many people will get confuse which one deserve to be fat taxes and which is not. Many foods could lead to obesity if it is adequately consume for example cheese has a high content of fat. Furthermore, will it be against to the freedom of everyone.
What do you think?


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  • Aug 15 2013: The problems of being fat or obese are not due to only the food with "fat", it also including intake of carbohydrate contained in food. The latter consists of all grains and other starchy food and sweets. So the government can't tax all the food containing carbohydrate because people .rich or poor, can't survive without them. That's why even most the states in the U. S. collect sales taxes on consumable goods but with the exception of food staples. Also, most of the grain foods contain vegetable oil; such as soybean, olive, peanuts or even corn. A better way to control obesity is to reduce amount of food intake that is hard to be mandated by the government. There are examples of government intervention such as to limit the size of sugary soft drinks in the CITY OF NEW YORK, but I haven't seen any beneficial result from such HALF MEASURE BY THE GOVERNMENT yet.
    • Aug 16 2013: I agree with you. So, the US collect sales taxes consumable goods does it benefits the residence? If they taxes all the food there might be a decrease in the business economy. How does it helps the people?
      • Aug 16 2013: The government charge sales taxes on "consumables" like paper napkins, stationary, cosmetics, etc. but no taxes on raw food, such as grains, fruits and vegetables, so that poor people don't have the tax burden on their essential spending on their surviving necessity.

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