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Reviewing ones life as a human experence

My essay is called Conversation with Myself.
It covers many question asked through life by us all. It seem that at the age of 74 many question still go unanswered not by just me but most human beings.
Speaking with folks who have taken the time to read my thoughts, I have received
many comments pertaining to it's direction and conclusions. I speak to readers
as part of the human race, always searching for knowledge and direction
I have found the experience of becoming mature, leads to both questions
and answer of who I am. Maybe the rest of the human race is asking the same question them self " Conversion With Myself. " I can send you a copy if you would like to review it. Thanks for your interest, Look forward to hearing from you Lou Sisbarro


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  • Aug 14 2013: Fritzie thanks for your e mail. I think that time hopefully has a way of maturing our minds as well as our bodies.
    Thanks for the recommendation of the book ' Night Train to Portugal ".
    Fritzie I have found no great wonders living my life except through the Pains of sorrow and the Joys and wonder
    of my 74 years. We travel the same roads this is true. but it's been one hell of a journey.
    Stay well Fritzie
    Keenly aware and still learning.
    Lou Sisbarro

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