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If you could do one great thing, what would it be?

All limitations aside, if you could do one thing any great thing what would it be? The leave of greatness is to be define by you.

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    Aug 19 2013: I would have brought peace to my country Afghanistan
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      Aug 19 2013: Hello Rafi....nice to see you.....I wish for peace in your country and all of our world as well:>)
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      Aug 19 2013: YOU CAN Rafi YOU CAN
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    Aug 18 2013: eliminate lies from this world. (No lies)
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    Aug 17 2013: Help others find the pure beauty in themselves enough to turn patterns and habits of self-destruction into habits of self-creation. There's so much more unseen in a person and situation that there is seen, including ourselves. It's important to know that we can't see everything, and that perception is as malleable as perspective - what you believe literally shapes what you see, and vice versa. With that understanding, one can see himself through anything. We're capable of a lot more than we've been led to believe. I'd love nothing more than to see each person live to their full potential.
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      Aug 17 2013: i like your idea of helping people understand their values,and perhaps through this journey you may also gain sth unexpected like finding an extordinary yourself.haha.
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        Aug 18 2013: Thank you! That is definitely the case, in fact it was because I found something extraordinary in me that I am able to so easily see it in others now. Kind of a chicken/egg thing, but they definitely go hand in hand. Then yesterday, I stumbled upon a quote by Nelson Mandela that said, "our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." I can definitely attest to that. :)
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          Aug 19 2013: i appreciate it,brain.but can you explain more about mandela's words?any examples of that?

          you mentioned about something extraordinary in you,would you like to tell me about that?as a high school student,i am quite confused sometimes,for i been trying to find myself,you know,to be a real me.(i think right now i'm just 50percent me)hopefully i can become your first target ?:)

          i am gonna say one more thing.your concept happen to meet the old confucios idea of"taking care of all the old as if they were your own parents;taking care of all the children as if they were your own kids. however,yours is more focused on the help"discover the full potential"'s such an honour to talk with such wise and brilliant people like you.
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        Aug 19 2013: Yijiia and Brian,
        Here is the full quote Brian speaks of....

        "Our Greatest Fear
        It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us
        Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
        Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
        It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
        We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
        talented and fabulous?

        Actually, who are you not to be?
        You are a child of God.
        Your playing small does not serve the world.
        There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
        people won't feel insecure around you.

        We were born to make manifest the glory of
        God that is within us.

        It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
        And as we let our own light shine,
        we unconsciously give other people
        permission to do the same.

        As we are liberated from our own fear,
        Our presence automatically liberates others.

        —Marianne Williamson

        [Often said to have been quoted in a speech by Nelson Mandela. The source is Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, Harper Collins, 1992. —Peter McLaughlin]
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          Aug 19 2013: And as we let our own light shine,
          we unconsciously give other people
          permission to do the same.

          thank you,colleen,i will keep those words in mind.
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          Aug 19 2013: Yes, thanks! When I searched it, I was confused by two different names coming up. I love that quote... Yijiia, I'd love to help you out however I can.

          As for what is extraordinary in me, it took about a year and a half of constantly digging into myself to really find it. The weird thing is, it wasn't anything new to me; as I like to put it, I'm still the same spasmodically enthusiastic 5 year old, I just have a lot more coordination and skill now. Basically, the "extraordinary" me that I uncovered is a person that leads an inpiring life that inspires others through music, words and humor.

          The main thing I found was trust and confidence. I used to be very private, would barely speak a word about anything, and it was always very vague, never direct to the point. I was deathly afraid of rejection, abandonment, being misunderstood or discredited, etc. As I learned to trust my intuition and nurture myself into a confident person, my world turned around entirely. Since that was the case, my biggest goal right now is to help others find what is essentially "them" and to build their confidence in that.

          If all of existence was viewed as a garden, and each thing (living or not) is a different flower in that garden, humans would be the only ones who could choose not to bloom. There's a chance that someone won't like your colors, feel threatened by them, even, threaten you because of them, make fun of them, etc. We are special in that we have free will, but with that comes only one real choice: to allow or deny the natural process coming through us. So even though it may be frightening to think that some people won't understand or accept the beauty of your partciular flower, bloom anyway.

          Thanks so much for the compliment and questions, here's my e-mail. Feel free to use it anytime.
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      Aug 19 2013: I love the quote too Brian, and have posted it several times on TED:>) The first time I looked for it years ago, I was confused as well because I thought it was authored by Nelson Mandela, and he apparently used at least some of it in his inaugural speech, but apparently, it came from Marianne Williamson.

      You write..."As for what is extraordinary in me, it took about a year and a half of constantly digging into myself to really find it."

      You may find that as you continue to explore, there are more and more levels of discovery. Yijiia has picked out one of the best parts of that quote...

      "And as we let our own light shine,
      we unconsciously give other people
      permission to do the same."
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        Aug 19 2013: For sure. :) That was the part that stuck out by far the most to me, as well. I've noticed that happening in my life and those around me. It's a very surreal and amazing thing to watch.
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          Aug 20 2013: i should thank both of you,brian and colleen,you guys are real tutors.

          and brian,i've send you an email already.
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    Aug 13 2013: Raise my children to be loving, thoughtful of others, courageous, and focused on life-long learning. Everything else is frosting on the cake.
    • Aug 13 2013: There is indeed nothing greater, Fritzie. I share your wish!!!
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      Aug 15 2013: I totally respect your thought. This is absolutely natural to want to achieve these several things and more for our children and generations to follow. A natural greatness, maybe today it is LOST.
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    Aug 17 2013: It would be to foster interpersonal relationships, to help people develop intrapersonal communication so each and every single one of us could reach out to understand, empathy and help other people around us. And by doing so, I hope to bring people closer together.
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      Aug 17 2013: Amen! We're all in this together. :) Building people and communities benefits us all. There is no subsitute for trust. I fully support bringing people closer together. How are you going about it, and how may I help?
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        Aug 19 2013: My initial idea is to start with educating children. Teach them love themselves and others, help them to develop the ability to empathize with others. And as these children grow up, they help to spread the love and trust to other people around them. Good people will bring out the good in people.
        I know it will actually be much harder than it sounds. But this is my idea for now. How about you, what do you think might be the way?
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    Aug 14 2013: I’m a jack of all trades, and seek being a master at blending them.

    But how to blend gardening, divergent thinking, ancestry, carpentry, BBQing, graphics, spices, spiritual growth, and others into something productive, has eluded me so far.
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    Aug 14 2013: Do small things with great love:>)
  • Aug 14 2013: inspire at least one person everyday
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    Aug 14 2013: .

    To make people instinctively refuse invalid (harmful) happiness,
    which wastes about 90% of our resources.
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      Aug 14 2013: Yeah. That's my favorite response so far. To make people see past this happiness or that happiness and any happiness and find their one true HAPPINESS.
  • Aug 13 2013: Come up with a clean and renewable energy alternative.
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    Aug 19 2013: Buy children ice-cream and enjoy it with them. Only they appreciate a nice cold ice-cream :o)
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    Aug 19 2013: If it were me, it would have to be art and music related. I would construct a media school for inner-city youth. A small club where teenagers can come to create music, art, games, what-ever their heart desires. If we're to affect change, I believe we must start in our own backyard.
  • Aug 19 2013: Why just 1? Why limit yourself.
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      Aug 19 2013: Don’t be greedy, save some great things for the rest of us. ;)
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    Aug 19 2013: be a wise men that dare to change the world
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    Aug 18 2013: Become God. (No, Seriously). Would enable me to solve a lot of the world's problems, all in one move.
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      Aug 18 2013: Bernard, you certainly are taking a leap ahead! Last week you were working toward being a CEO of a large company, this week it's God! If you're going to do something great, no point in messing around with little stuff:>)
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        Aug 18 2013: When did I say I was "working toward being a CEO of a large company"? ;)
        (Nice to see you again!).
        Well, the question did say "All limitations aside". :P
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          Aug 18 2013: Bernard,
          I am so sorry.....I got you mixed up in my mind for a moment with James Zhang, who started this conversation, which is now closed...

          "James Zhang
          This conversation is closed. Start a new conversation

          I think I can become CEO of IBM
          Give me half a year."

          You are both insightful, enjoyable, intelligent young men, so my mix-up is perfectly least to me!!! Always nice to cross paths with you Bernard:>)
  • Aug 16 2013: I would motivate the college students to participate in as many events as possible. In India, the students waste time unnecessarily by facebooking. I would bring their hidden talent out. !!!!
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    Aug 15 2013: Make the BEST song ever made!
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    Aug 15 2013: LOL, yesterday I misread the question “If you could do one great thing” as “If you could do one thing great”. I could say my reply was divergent-thinking, but the truth is that was a brain fart.

    Anyway, the one great thing I seek to do is to invent and create an electric power generator that uses gravity as its power/fuel. (Instead of wind or solar.) Than I release it to the free-world, on the honor system. (AI; people are free to build it, than I trust them to send me a % of their profits)
  • Aug 15 2013: This is a basic neuro linguistic programming question or nlp question the second part of which is Well what stops you?
    the answer to this part gives you your reasons or excuses for not doing it,the answers below seem to require someone else doing the changing,What can you do?i.e joyce could support one health centre or manishka could spend time with children explaining what an adventurous care free childhood is like,we have all seen what a big difference one person can make Let that person be you.
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      Aug 15 2013: Dear John Hudson,
      Are you aware of what you wrote?

      "...the answers below seem to require someone else doing the changing, What can you do...joyce could support one health centre or manishka could spend time with children explaining....."

      Rather than telling others what they can be doing, how about, as you say...Let that person be you?

      If you John Hudson, could do one great thing, what would it be?
      • Aug 19 2013: Hi Colleen, i wrote so many answers to this and deleted them because i don't have an answer,in my job as a hypnotherapist i try to help one person at a time,i would set up a mooc to teach nlp entrapeneurship and basic electronics,but i don't have the skill set,i am learning to program so it can be a future possibility.What i wrote was my first comment to this site thank you for your kind reply
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          Aug 19 2013: I realized it was your first comment on TED John....I looked at your profile, which I often do before responding:>)

          Looks like you found an answer after all.....good job...."set up a mooc to teach nlp entrapeneurship and basic electronics".

          It's ok if you do not yet have the skill set, because the facilitator of this discussion tells us to put "All limitations aside":>)
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      Aug 16 2013: I'd also add in a few questions between the first and second: Are you doing it in part or wholly?

      What steps have you taken toward this? what's the next step you COULD take?

      No to the above? THEN... what's stopping you?
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    Aug 14 2013: What would I do?

    Alter the brains of every single human being on Earth; to act in love and consider others before thyself. I'd inject their veins with compassion, stir empathy in their plasma. I would put soft tenderness onto their skin, and sweet moisture on their lips. I would blow a lazy summer breeze in their breath, and a happy smile in their eyes. And after all this is done, I would whisper that little truth we've forgotten so long ago- that we are one, all beings, and we are love.

    And with that, I would change the world for the better!

    Yet, I plan to do that anyway ;)
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      Aug 15 2013: You know, Gandhi said something like, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." I bet it would be nice to go around on a mission from whoever insisting that other people change, but I'm willing to bet that real change, real greatness, comes from looking inwards and asking oneself, "What can I do to make the world a better place?"
  • Aug 14 2013: I would make all men and women in the world equal, both legally and socially. Everyone, men and women, would consider the two sexes as completely equal in every way, and respect people, or not, without gender being a consideration. I think the consequences would be amazing and wonderful. I would love to live in such a world. I suspect that many of our other problems would be quickly solved.
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    Aug 14 2013: I would visit each and every human being on planet earth in their dreams.As they slept, I would whisper a truth we have sadly forgotten. We are all one in the same and when we hurt another, we are hurting ourselves. I would then whisper a warning. when you inflict a wrong doing on another, be it an immoral and/or unethical act, you too will experience the pain you have created. Before I left them to their sleep would whisper, you shall begin each and every day with these words; I greet this day with love in my heart.
  • Aug 14 2013: Create and manufacture a med that will kill all forms of cancer, giving it away for free to all in need.
  • Aug 20 2013: I always wanted to be a good singer but my voice is not so if I could do one thing I want to be a good singer giving a live performance...
  • Aug 19 2013: Eradicate all sorts of "blind beliefs" to turn human mind ever open and curious.
  • Aug 19 2013: I think I would try to live for a whole year as a handicapped, poor, unemployed person in the most difficult to live in city or place in the World. Great change comes with great self knowledge, revelation and experience!
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    Aug 19 2013: Put an end to terrorism, wars, hostility and the need to be the one in control of the World! We talk about Peace, but little is really done to bringing total harmony and co-exist among ourselves.

    Start by taking all the perpetrators of violent crimes out of our prisons and give them on a one-way trip to any one of those small islands out in the Pacific Ocean and let them fend for themselves. No roof over their heads, no free meals, just their own ingenuity, if any. Let them rely on each other or kill each other!

    If anyone thinks this is in-humane, just ask some of the victims their opinions.
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    Aug 19 2013: I believe all humans are created noble, and I live by the Nine Noble Virtues. The one great thing I wish I could do is to have the all world believe all humans are created noble, and live by the Nine Noble Virtues
    Courage, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self-Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverance and
    Truth* (* with truth being something you seek to discover, have the courage to see and accept, as well as something you teach and say. )

    Personally I’d be happy if more people were seeking Self-Reliance, for when too many people lack Self-Reliance it kills freedom for all.
  • Aug 19 2013: No one is better than anyone! Equality and respect!
  • Aug 19 2013: empower women, educate women !
  • Aug 18 2013: Teach the world to use its empathic impulse.
  • Aug 18 2013: I understood that we live in disorder when I came across the writings of some teachers especially jiddu krishnamurti. All forms of meditation , zen, teachers, buddhism etc will increase the chances of the state of mind where this perception can occur but no system currently knows exactly how to bring it about. Even great teachers like buddha or jesus "stumbled" and got into this state by chance so they dont know how to bring it about in others. IF they knew this process then they would have changed their followers but they were NOT able to transmit this ego free existence to others.

    It does not help if someone in some corner of the world is enlightened but we should understand how to bring the perceptual leap in the wider masses. Right now the tragedy is we dont know how this happens. A few who were enlightened in the history of the world were declared as GODS and we seperated them and even killed some of them. It is hard.
  • Aug 18 2013: If we were given one thing to do...we would do that makes most difference to humanity on this globe. Humanity is stuck horizantally in its evolutionary cycle and with rapid advances in technology this species is sure to perish.

    Humanity is not able to take that leap into an existence that is not driven by ego. Though few great teachers visited this world they could not bring this change in the wider masses. We are stuck in the ego based existence. The human misery and issues remain the same what they were thousands of years back. Competition, brutality, war , violence , killings still plague us. Humanity did not change. It is stuck on a certain level reaching its precipice everyday pushed by technology. It is on a path to self destruct.

    If you would one great great thing then that would be to free humanity from this kind of ego centered existence. This needs a percpetion , a leap of insight and the way for everyone to get this. This is the one and only thing that can save humanity and is the need of the hour. Everything else is a distraction.

    And then no amount of preaching, teaching , deliberating, monks, gurus, meditations, magic will do....all of them are just distractions. What is killing society today is distractions...big , small and all kinds of distractions. Nothing will work except perception into the nature of thought and existence.
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      Aug 18 2013: Right on par, and I'm doing what I can in order to provide that perspective shift. You are absolutely correct that the current path is the self destruct. Do you teach at all?
      • Aug 20 2013: Glad you share my view. I don't teach - I like to share and learn in the process. So, I guess I am a student.
  • Aug 18 2013: If I could enlighten myself and attain Buddhahood or its equivalent in Christainity or Taoism or Hinduism or any other major religions in the world.
  • Aug 18 2013: Even small things play great role. If I made someone smile today, it was a good day.
  • Aug 18 2013: Teach people respect - of nature, of each other and of themselves
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    Aug 18 2013: Educate girls and boys all around the world.
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    Aug 17 2013: Cultivate inner peace ...

    Of all the many states that engender war
    our own inner state is most responsible, for sure
    since that which is within is always projected out
    that’s why we always have wars, no doubt;
    so then, if we were all to cultivate inner peace …
    wars would cease.
    (JFDB, 2010)
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    Aug 17 2013: I would get everyone to agree that being peaceful and cooperating is better than war & greed.
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    Aug 17 2013: i will be very glad to see that people from all nations,no matter what races will truly share the world like brothers and sisters,no prejudice,no voilence,heart opened.
  • Aug 16 2013: Raise my children to be loving, thoughtful of others, courageous, and focused on life-long learning. Everything else is frosting on the cake.
  • Aug 16 2013: I would create a world wide movment thaT focused souly on the simple idea of people helping people.
  • Aug 16 2013: Narrate the best set of ethics and hi-human characteristics to live the best possible life on a loud speaker that not a single person on this planet can avoid listening to ... really ! :)
  • Aug 16 2013: Figure out what "great" means. Figure out meaning.
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      Aug 17 2013: That's a wonderful place to start. WIthout a solid foundation of why you're doing what you're doing, what you're doing doesn't mean much. Where have you been looking for meaning?
      • Aug 18 2013: I suspect meaning is one of those things you only find by not looking for it (specifically). At least when it comes to feeling.

        But if you mean what and how I think about meaning, well, I can't answer that in this little ted box.
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    Aug 15 2013: What stops you from doing one great thing?

    I wish every one knew the answer and could over come their limitations.

    All the best.
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    Aug 15 2013: All limitations aside, I would end prejudice.
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    Aug 15 2013: All limitations aside, i would make sure that all public health centres in my country Kenya are well equipped.
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    Aug 15 2013: Ensure that upto age 21, everyone has a happy, inspiring, adventurous childhood free from abuse, neglect, bullying, negativity. The 'force' that ensures this serves as a positive behaviour reinforcer to those who are older whenever they interact with those under that limit. I mention an age limit because once the foundation is set, the behaviour can become internalised and self perpetuating.
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    Aug 15 2013: Eradicate all sorts of "blind beliefs" to turn human mind ever open and curious.
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    Aug 15 2013: Eradicate misery and poverty in this world.
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      Aug 15 2013: Easy. Just take the Bodhisattva Vow.
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        Aug 15 2013: I am talking here about actually doing something that will have such results.
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    Aug 15 2013: Liberate fathers from character assassination which poisons the minds of many children. End stereotypes.
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      Aug 15 2013: That sounds personal. Is this why you have to keep changing your username?
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        Aug 15 2013: No, this is not why I choose to change my user name, the chosen names will get better I promise, like a painting I am only at the very beginning of my big picture.

        Personal? It's only personal if you have been dragged through the crap, are you familiar? If not, maybe I can help you understand in a personal message.
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          Aug 15 2013: I don't feel like I need to help to be dragged through the crap. I feel too often that it is SSDD, 'same s**t, different day.'

          I like the user name Wiskey Delta. It's an unusual spelling of the liquor and it gives me a wonderful visual image of a delta, not quite as big as the MIssissippi, but significant in size where the whiskey flows freely and yet if you paddle out to different spots among the currents or drop your jug off a particular pier than you will find different varieties of this great staple.
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        Aug 16 2013: Type O, stupid human can't spell worth a chit, don't dig too deep into that, ;)
        Picture this:

        -Pour the salt on the tongue licking the spineless back of a slug.
        -give back the dolphin beak on the dresser draw

        ...I have many more image stimulations.
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    Aug 14 2013: I'm trying to do one great thing, hannah, which is to promote the unusual diet I've been following for the last five years, where I live 95% on skim milk, every day I drink about two gallons of skim milk and hardly eat or drink anything else, I enjoy it and it's been good for my health. I am attempting to interest the medical research community to see if they would test the diet and it might help diseases.
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      Aug 14 2013: I enjoy hearing new diet options, but I strongly believe the best diet, is the one you custom create for your own unique health needs and taste.
      I have a health issue that is more common with women then man and guess what; the diets for it address issues that don’t pertain to me or are missing things that men need, like lean red meat. :)
      Personally I switch to almond milk for its anti-inflammatory qualities; almond and skim milk may have overlapping benefits and thus research. That may be worth checking into.
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      Aug 15 2013: Have you heard of juicing? That's also a fluid-based diet. I guess yours would be called milking :)
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        Aug 15 2013: I'm not sure, Anna, I've only heard of juicing when you turn fruit and vegetables into juice. Is it also used to describe when you actually drink the diet of mostly juice?

        Eating a diet of solid food would be called...soliding?

        Say, did I notice you live in Oslo now, I can't seem to pull up your profile. What took you there from Poland?
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          Aug 15 2013: I've heard of the word being used to describe a diet as well. I'm currently vegetabling, I guess...

          What took me here is language, studies job, among other things, but that's a bit off-topic.
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        Aug 16 2013: yeah, I wonder if you could somehow get into comedy work, either as a writer or performer, Anna, I've noticed you have a good sense of humor.
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          Aug 16 2013: Who, me? Nah, I'm just as boring as you are..., wait.....

          Kidding :)

          Honestly, if I can't beat George Carlin and Bill Hicks, I'm not going there...

          But wait... They're both dead!


          So... you know some people? ;-)

          To return to the subject of this conversation and merge this comment into it...

          One great thing - make a stand-up, film, book, work of any sort of art that would expose absurdity, lies and problems in this world, teach, entertain and inspire and make the world a better place.

          Or maybe - make all the great things in this conversation come true.
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        Aug 16 2013: yes, anna, since milk came up, I found this chart quite interesting, which shows a world map and how much milk countries are drinking:
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        Aug 16 2013: well, I'll have to think who I know, I do live five miles from Hollywood. I do know a lot about working as a TV and movie extra, since I've done it for 20 years, and I know a certain amount about acting, too. I doubt you can support yourself as an extra in Oslo, but you can do it in Southern California, a couple of months ago I spoke to a fellow who worked 250 days as an extra in 2012.

        I have heard that funny people try to always carry a notebook around with them so they can write down funny ideas when they occur to them. I actually keep notebooks and files like that myself of funny things, since I enjoy sharing them with people, funny articles or photos I come across, or jokes that come in my mind.
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        Aug 16 2013: If I think about it, I'm not sure you really have to start out knowing anybody in comedy. Here in Los Angeles, there are plenty of open mikes where you can perform humor, and also comedy clubs with amateur nights, if you start performing you can meet people and network, also there are comedy classes connected to comedy theaters, so you can go to class and practice performing. The Groundlings are a famous group here that has classes and a theater. I think many famous people have started in the Groundlings. Second City is another such group, John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd and others started there.

        If you want a comedy acting job, in the U.S. you need an agent. There are some tricks to getting an agent, for example you want a licensed talent agent and you can go on the State of California website to see who has their current license. The license is important because only a licensed agent can go on the websites that tell where the auditions are, nobody else can and thus noone else knows where to go, or when. But your agent can tell you and send you on auditions. To try to get an agent, you can send them a snapshot of yourself if you don't have a headshot (I would wait on getting a headshot until you have an agent because they are costly and you might change your mind about even wanting to go into acting). You can send it with a cover letter that tells what you've done, like I think you've performed music, you say.

        This is how it's done in the U.S. Possibly it's different in Norway.

        I enjoy humor, it helps you to look at the world in a different way, and it relieves stress.
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          Aug 17 2013: Thanks, Greg. I didn't expect to get a recipe for how to become a comedian in the US, not in this conversation :) If I ever decide to pursue a Hollywood dream and leave this land of mountains, crystal clear water, fjords and reindeer, I'll remember your recommendations.
          Getting a head-shot wouldn't be a problem, but why would I send to anybody if I live on a different continent?

          And then - I hear that people around this region drink 2 gallons of milk per day and eat live spiders so... you know... ;-)

          I knew some agents when I worked as a journalist but I usually used those contacts to get to Polish actors and comedians who were already stars, I was never called up to cover an amateur, but this period of life belongs to the distant and blurry past and again - it's experience from a completely different milieu. I also knwo of a club here in Oslo that used to have amateur nights, but I never saw any of the performers there get anywhere, we're speaking about a country with a population of a little less than 5 mln, media works differently here. The UK is not that far away though and I speak with a British accent... But so does Ricky Gervais... Sorry, I'm rambling, best wishes to you.
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        Aug 16 2013: I mention the extra work, Anna, because technically a person could support themselves doing extra work while they tried to advance in show business.
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        Aug 17 2013: hi, anna, no, I don't know that you would send a headshot to a U.S. agent if you were living in Norway, I sort of went off on a flight about how it works in the U.S. thinking it couldn't hurt you to know how it works here and might somewhat relate to how it works in Norway.

        If you really decided you wanted to work in comedy, I guess the first question might be in what capacity, does a person want to be a standup comedian, a comedy actor, a comedy writer. I'm sure the processes are different for all of these, although related. I would say I know the most about comedy acting, not too much about standup, and least about writing. It seems like your strongest interest is standup, are there professional, successful standup comedians in Norway, do they have to speak Norwegian and do you speak it, is it even something that interests you? As I say, I really enjoy your sense of humor on TED conversations. As I say, I don't know how one starts a standup career, for example, could you record yourself performing standup alone in your bedroom, submit the tape to a professional comedy club, and perhaps they'll book you on the basis of the tape and you can make some professional money immediately? Or do you first have to get some experience with audiences before a professional club will consider you? Are there even professional comedy clubs in Norway, I would think so. Also, can you try for paying college and university gigs on the basis of a tape, or do you need to show you've actually performed live? If you are interested, they'd be good questions to look into. And I also don't know, I think standup comedians have agents, but I'm not sure, another good question, maybe they can book themselves without an agent. Perhaps they need an agent to work on film but not live, again, don't know much about standup.

        I enjoy comedy. I do enjoy hearing the status quo questioned, although I'm somewhat a supporter of the status quo.
        • thumb
          Aug 20 2013: Thanks.

          No, I actually don't think there are professional comedy clubs, but maybe I'm misinformed.
      • thumb
        Aug 20 2013: Thanks for replying, Anna. So does getting into comedy, in some capacity, interest you? What is the professional comedy scene in Norway, are there situation comedy TV shows on TV, are there places to do standup, but how many places to do standup, if you had a thought of supporting yourself doing standup you would need a certain number of opportunities to perform professionally. As I say, you have a nice sense of humor. There are many comedy clubs here in Southern California. But I doubt standup comedians who support themselves can afford to limit themselves to Southern California if all they do is live standup, they probably have to travel. Perhaps one could be based in Oslo and travel to other countries as well to perform on a standup tour. Such a tour might include performing at universities, I have read there are also jobs performing standup at universities, although I've never been to a show at a university. So if you thought you'd like it, those could be some factors. If you were thinking about it and didn't know if you'd like it, you could try those amateur nights you mentioned.

        Do you actually have material that you have saved that you could turn into an act?

        I like to laugh, enjoy humor. Usually there's a lot of intelligence in humor that gives a person something to think about, or leads to a realization. Usually humor digs below the surface, has a questioning attitude that is important. If you did humor, what would you be trying to say with your humor?
  • Aug 14 2013: I would make it so that a kid with internet access could get a high quality education on par with a kid sent to the best private school in the country. I would also help provide internet access in after school programs at schools in the inner city. No doubt money would still have its perks, but the kid from the inner city that works hard goes to the top university without any disadvantage. This would also be useful for kids with an IEP to catch up to their peers as well as for ELL kids to catch up to their peers.
  • Aug 14 2013: Rid the world of debt and replace it with equity capital. This would give us financial stability and eliminate the ever increasing boom and bust cycles.
  • thumb
    Aug 14 2013: To let everybody know truly about Islam.
  • thumb
    Aug 14 2013: To immortalize myself in heart and mind of people.

    To do something

    so people will remember me after i am gone.
  • thumb
    Aug 14 2013: Install a government who will make
    positive difference in life of poorest amongst the poor in my country.
  • thumb
    Aug 14 2013: Improve moral fibre of my people.
  • thumb
    Aug 14 2013: Install an honest government that works, in my country.
  • Aug 14 2013: To listen to every person problems and to give them a useful advice to make them at ease.
  • Aug 14 2013: To be a good learner to be a nice teacher to be together with young people.
    • thumb
      Aug 14 2013: If you had to choose one of those three great things, which would it be? Nice user name by the way.
  • thumb
    Aug 13 2013: Take my girls into the universe.
  • thumb

    Lejan .

    • +1
    Aug 13 2013: Going for more great things ...
    • thumb
      Aug 14 2013: When you go for more great things are each of those in turn also going for more great things? So that you're eternally going for more great things without getting anywhere great?
      • thumb
        Aug 14 2013: No. Its like bypassing the fairy wish limitation of three by saving the last to wish for more. The first two are free to choose from and so are the following ones you keep wishing. But never forget to spare the last one. :o) And here the definition of greatness was on us anyway ... :o)
        • thumb
          Aug 14 2013: So what would be the two great things you'd wish for while you were saving your third?
      • thumb

        Lejan .

        • +1
        Aug 14 2013: I don't know this now, yet whatever makes most sense to me at that time. Why do you want to know?
        • thumb
          Aug 14 2013: I don't like non-answers. It doesn't drive me crazy, but I try to nudge the other person into elaborating on short answers or non-answers. Only I should be allowed to give non-answers. I alone.
      • thumb

        Lejan .

        • +1
        Aug 14 2013: I see and imagine this attitude for solely could turn difficult at times, being one of 7 billion ... ;o)
  • thumb
    Aug 13 2013: To be like Fritzie.
    • thumb
      Aug 14 2013: Ha, I didn't read Fritzie's post yet, but I like her comments and she seems super-smart, so I agree and gave you the thumbs up before I read her response, which was a good, too.
  • Aug 20 2013: Find a way to share the complete knowledge and experience of every being universally.
  • Aug 20 2013: Really torn between two either i would return humanity back to hunter gathering. Hope they never settle down and keep roaming the planet . Or secondly I would abolish banking
  • thumb
    Aug 19 2013: If there was a button when pressed cause all humans to be more intelligent than the button presser.
    I would be jumping up and down on that button.

    Very intelligent people (IQ 160+) are more likely kinder, less likely to believe in fairy-tale, and most importantly able to see through political persuasion.

    How great of a world that would be.
  • thumb
    Aug 19 2013: if I have a chance to do a great thing,I would do a long travel with my parents from China to America.
  • Aug 19 2013: If I could grate 1 thing before I died it would be a carrot

    my guess is Hell is dark
  • Aug 18 2013: I would be the voice of rationality and logics to a those people who have started wars and violent gangs I would want to make so much sense to them that they ask themselves "why weren't we thinking like this before" int he end creating some kind of harmony. Gift of hope rationalism and tolerance
  • thumb
    Aug 18 2013: Found a university that takes science and education to a new level.
    • thumb
      Aug 18 2013: I'm intrigued! What would that new level be and look like? What are your ideas? :)
      • thumb
        Aug 19 2013: A level that makes every single student attached to science and makes students enjoy all kinds of science.

        Unfortunately, I don't have clear ideas about how it's done, but when there's a will, there's a way. :)
        • thumb
          Aug 19 2013: That's a very good start. I personally would have loved exposure to anthropology and psychology at a young age, even in jr high or high school. I feel that having more options along those lines would open up kids to a much wider world than the one I was shown growing up. So, cheers!

          You're definitely right about the will bringing the way. My first notion would be to discuss things with school districts. The only thing to watch out for is that everyone seems to "know" what's "best for the kids." On your side, though, is a lot of facts supporting a broader field of study. I wish you the best of luck, and I'd love to keep discussing this with you!
      • thumb
        Aug 19 2013: I wish you the best of luck too. :)
  • Aug 17 2013: Eliminate NO liability laws! You break it, you fix it. Karma
    • thumb

      . .

      • +1
      Aug 18 2013: I agree 100% with karma and creating better laws (that hold the culprit accountable for causing damage)....trouble with...."you brake it, you fix it."... is that most often breakers are not makers or fixers.
      • Aug 18 2013: You are right they just make the money and split leaving others to pay the bill when they screw up which is my point. If you can't fix it then you pay someone who can fix it or you go to jail. If the law was "just" nearly every member of congress and every CEO would be in jail where they belong.

        "Corporations are Organized Crime"- Keith W Henline
    • thumb
      Aug 18 2013: Keith and Juliette,

      There IS the potential for better laws and accountability:>)

      One great thing I had the opportunity to do, is serve on a "Reparative Board", based on the "Real Justice" model, which encourages offenders to be accountable for their offences, and "fix" the damage they do, either by personally doing the work, by paying for the work being done, and/or participating in community service. Many offenders are very talented and skilled, and they can be a good member of the community when their talents are used appropriately.
      • Aug 18 2013: Absolutely right again Colleen, that's what I love about you, you are almost always right, positive and constructive. You are not only a role model for health and industry but just as important justice. I am always going to keep you in my right pocket and whenever I get stumped on what to do I will just ask myself, what would Colleen do?
        • thumb
          Aug 18 2013: Thank you comin' back at ya:>)

          I have one small request......
          As long as I am in your pocket, could you please get out of that comfy chair once in awhile so I can stretch a bit? LOL:>)
      • Aug 18 2013: Well Colleen I not only get out of that chair from time to time to swim, walk and ride my bicycle but last year I invested a couple hundred dollars in a new Broyhill chair (made in China) which is the single best investment I have made in years so you should be quite comfortable riding along where ever I am. Not to mention when I rest on my 8" thick foam bed covered in flannel cotton. Besides you get to watch a family of hummingbirds playing all day long in the trees and feeders in my windows. If we walk out onto the balcony the pigeons come for a treat along with the sparrows, crows, doves, dragonflies, bees, cats, dogs and neighbors. Most every night Mexican-American street vendors come by with sweet corn, frozen treats, dvds, fresh fruit in season, religion and an occasional prostitute. I love the corn and occasional fruit. Even my next door neighbor who is completely nuts is not that bad, she comes out on the porch and screams at people who are some times there and sometime not there and then she's fine for several days hardly making a peep. OH and by the way you are free to come and go as you please, I have no pets only wonderful brief encounters with all forms of nature.
  • Aug 17 2013: I will remove the corruption. It is the root cause of all ills.
  • Aug 17 2013: Two major things I could see in today's world. Even in the height of advance technology and human intelligence witnessed, we still could see children across globe die due to poverty and malnutrition . Moral education along with the various subjects areas are important for the next generation men and women for the human values to prevail. There are millions of children in the world who have never even have basic essentials met. The greatest thing that I as an individual would be sponsoring for at least one child education and his basic needs for living.
  • Aug 17 2013: I have had very little knoledge of this sytstem but I would like to be a factor to spread this system of teaching in all México.
  • Aug 16 2013: I would change the educational system in Argentina, from the ground up... with only a few exceptions. No leadership nor ideas can come out of a system where everyone is treated the same way, as if everyone had the same abilities and capacities. What use is there in having a flair for something but not using or polishing it at all?

    Well, I hope someday I can do something about it, right now I'm just one more student in the system.
  • thumb
    Aug 16 2013: Eradicate all the stupid "Beliefs" that this society has laid and to which people usually pay so much attention, that they end up ignoring the happiness of there loved ones!!
    • Aug 16 2013: "social beliefs.....ignoring the happiness of loved ones....." i actually couldn't get this one.
  • Aug 16 2013: Truly help someone.
  • thumb
    Aug 16 2013: I'd like to make this chance into lots of chances to do more great things later.
  • Aug 15 2013: Make my two sons Maddox and Martzel the best people they can be.
  • thumb
    Aug 15 2013: make a better place for all people, no matter what religion you are, tall or short, black or white, whoever you are. and make each other hold hands together as one nation. make peace everywhere :D
  • Aug 15 2013: Change people's perception about early childhood education and the impact it has on economic growth for every country
  • thumb
    Aug 15 2013: To be good. Consistently. Steadfastly. Reassuringly.
    It is good to be great. But it is greater to be good. And it requires only one person to do that. You.
  • Aug 15 2013: One great thing i would like to change our system in our country,to eradicate corruption,& bring a sense of love towards our country in every indian.
  • thumb
    Aug 15 2013: UGH! hannah murphy, I've already used my superpowers to save the earth from total annihilation so many times in recent centuries, what more do you want!?!?
    • thumb
      Aug 16 2013: AN ice cream sand witch would be good about now :P
  • thumb
    Aug 15 2013: Travel at the speed of light!
    • thumb
      Aug 15 2013: Why not travel faster? Like, know the star died before the star knew it would die?
      • thumb
        Aug 15 2013: One step at a time, time, time my friend. The hell with a star! I'm currently trying to save the planet from the old out dated monetary system tradition at the moment. I'm no over achiever.
  • Aug 14 2013: Create a new media enterprise that takes generation loss out of science and progress-oriented journalism so that motivation can be addressed in secondary education through new economy being unearthed, precedented, facilitated and replicated sustainably beyond my lifetime. I want to live to see the Information Age answer all of the existing compromises still hanging over from the Industrial Age with actual ideals which will result in the emergence of a global super-culture of innovation and facilitation.
  • thumb
    Aug 14 2013: Whatever is suitable and required at that moment. But one thing am sure of and that is that I'll give it my best.
  • Aug 14 2013: I would build a machine that can print houses and apartments from recycled materials.
  • thumb
    Aug 14 2013: To have success with the Bodhisattva vow. I'm glad you said "all limitations aside" because in my daily life it seems that I'm not even remotely qualified to take the vow let alone make even the slightest good on it.
    • Comment deleted

      • thumb
        Aug 14 2013: It would ease the suffering and lead towards the enlightenment of all spiritual beings. All the virtues I desire are neatly wrapped up in and embodied by a Bodhisattva and it would be more challenging and more rewarding than any other pursuit I can conceive of.

        It reminds me of some lines from Whitman's 'Song of the Open Road' after several stanzas where he has been talking about heroic things, and goodness and miracles and how much he will do for others:

        "Here a great personal deed has room.
        (Such a deed seizes upon the hearts of the whole race of men,
        Its effusion of strength and will overwhelms law and mocks all authority and all argument against it.)"
        • Aug 15 2013: So, everyone would have to take this vow to achieve this?

          How many people do you know that have taken the vow?
          And what has been the effect on their community?
      • thumb
        Aug 15 2013: In my daily life I know no one that has taken the vow, although a few act with like attention and I can bear witness to the fact that they have had a positive and palliative effect on myself.

        No one would have to take the vow to achieve this. The vow is simply a formal signification of the intention to do so, one people's way of ritualizing the initiation of such an overwhelming endeavor.

        I don't drive, don't work and don't know more than a handful of people (remotely speaking) in the area to which I've recently moved. TED itself is an experiment in me socializing with others.

        Since I suspect you've read this far I'm going to foist another passage from the aforementioned poem upon you, Mary M.:

        "All seems beautiful to me,
        I can repeat over to men and women You have done such good to me I would do the same to you.
        I will recruit for myself and you as a I go.,
        I will scatter myself among men and women as I go,
        I will toss a new gladness and roughness among them,
        Whoever denies me it shall not trouble me,
        Whoever accepts me he or she shall be blessed and shall bless me."
        • Aug 15 2013: It seems that this passage resonates with me.
          I seem to remember reading similar words in scripture.
  • Aug 14 2013: Personal: Live a good life and help my children be the best human beings they can be and be happy

    global: help invent something that will allow the human race to survive its childhood.