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If you could do one great thing, what would it be?

All limitations aside, if you could do one thing any great thing what would it be? The leave of greatness is to be define by you.


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    Aug 14 2013: To have success with the Bodhisattva vow. I'm glad you said "all limitations aside" because in my daily life it seems that I'm not even remotely qualified to take the vow let alone make even the slightest good on it.
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        Aug 14 2013: It would ease the suffering and lead towards the enlightenment of all spiritual beings. All the virtues I desire are neatly wrapped up in and embodied by a Bodhisattva and it would be more challenging and more rewarding than any other pursuit I can conceive of.

        It reminds me of some lines from Whitman's 'Song of the Open Road' after several stanzas where he has been talking about heroic things, and goodness and miracles and how much he will do for others:

        "Here a great personal deed has room.
        (Such a deed seizes upon the hearts of the whole race of men,
        Its effusion of strength and will overwhelms law and mocks all authority and all argument against it.)"
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          Aug 15 2013: So, everyone would have to take this vow to achieve this?

          How many people do you know that have taken the vow?
          And what has been the effect on their community?
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        Aug 15 2013: In my daily life I know no one that has taken the vow, although a few act with like attention and I can bear witness to the fact that they have had a positive and palliative effect on myself.

        No one would have to take the vow to achieve this. The vow is simply a formal signification of the intention to do so, one people's way of ritualizing the initiation of such an overwhelming endeavor.

        I don't drive, don't work and don't know more than a handful of people (remotely speaking) in the area to which I've recently moved. TED itself is an experiment in me socializing with others.

        Since I suspect you've read this far I'm going to foist another passage from the aforementioned poem upon you, Mary M.:

        "All seems beautiful to me,
        I can repeat over to men and women You have done such good to me I would do the same to you.
        I will recruit for myself and you as a I go.,
        I will scatter myself among men and women as I go,
        I will toss a new gladness and roughness among them,
        Whoever denies me it shall not trouble me,
        Whoever accepts me he or she shall be blessed and shall bless me."
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          Aug 15 2013: It seems that this passage resonates with me.
          I seem to remember reading similar words in scripture.

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