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If you could do one great thing, what would it be?

All limitations aside, if you could do one thing any great thing what would it be? The leave of greatness is to be define by you.


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    Aug 15 2013: Liberate fathers from character assassination which poisons the minds of many children. End stereotypes.
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      Aug 15 2013: That sounds personal. Is this why you have to keep changing your username?
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        Aug 15 2013: No, this is not why I choose to change my user name, the chosen names will get better I promise, like a painting I am only at the very beginning of my big picture.

        Personal? It's only personal if you have been dragged through the crap, are you familiar? If not, maybe I can help you understand in a personal message.
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          Aug 15 2013: I don't feel like I need to help to be dragged through the crap. I feel too often that it is SSDD, 'same s**t, different day.'

          I like the user name Wiskey Delta. It's an unusual spelling of the liquor and it gives me a wonderful visual image of a delta, not quite as big as the MIssissippi, but significant in size where the whiskey flows freely and yet if you paddle out to different spots among the currents or drop your jug off a particular pier than you will find different varieties of this great staple.
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        Aug 16 2013: Type O, stupid human can't spell worth a chit, don't dig too deep into that, ;)
        Picture this:

        -Pour the salt on the tongue licking the spineless back of a slug.
        -give back the dolphin beak on the dresser draw

        ...I have many more image stimulations.

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