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C.C.S.S.-- Yea or Nay?

Common Core State Standards is a big-time effort currently under way to make necessary changes in America's public schools to better prepare graduates for employment.
On this specific issue we the people are either ignorant, apathetic, for it, or against it. Those last two groups can help the first two by expressing their reasons for their positions. Let it rip TEDsters!


Closing Statement from edward long

The vote is: Yeas 0, Nays 11. The Nays have it. It is seen by the respondents to be just another expression of opinion about WHAT needs to be done without a plan for HOW to get it done. It is seen as a power grab by the Feds which leaves the states with little or no say in how schools are run. It is seen as an effort to promote certain career paths while inhibiting others. It is seen as a death warrant for all non-STEM programs. It is thought to be off-target in the definition and utilization of Testing. Tedsters who do not like CCSS spoke up. TEDsters who like it kept quiet. Thanks to all for many experience-based opinions worth sharing.--Edward

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    Aug 15 2013: Bob..well put and I whole heartily share your comments.I found no preaching here

    Here is something else that makes no sense to me;

    CCSS supports the notion that the student and teacher’s individual achievement are a direct link to testing scores. What happened to curriculum and instruction? Someone pinch be but, shouldn't this data be used as a strategy for improvement not for accountability?
    Now a state has to contract a company to produce not only the tests but prep material and this will surely cost millions of dollars. Who foots the bill? It bothers me greatly that companies should be afforded the opportunity to gain such huge profits.

    data driven... Edward a suspicious thought;
    is the system devised to gather this data created in such a way as to support these federal mandates?

    Once again Edward a huge NAY !!
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      Aug 15 2013: Got it M.E.! You are not a fan of CCSS! Good point to consider about what, exactly, test scores ought to be used for: to evaluate teacher performance, or, to identify areas for improvement? [also, just a point-of-order on TED protocol: if you wish to respond directly to a contributor click-on the word "REPLY" in red letters between their name and the Thumb icon. This will cause an email to go to the contributor informing them that you have responded directly to their comment. If you post a new comment they will not be notified and may well miss your comment. Sometimes there will be no REPLY button because TED tries to limit reciprocity to three exchanges. In such cases simply scroll-uo to the nearest previous comment by the person and use the REPLY button on that post. You can begin such a response with the preamble, "RE: your comment xxxxxxx" . If they have no previous posts you can make a new comment with the preamble, "@ John Doe:"]

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