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How can communication technologies be used to prevent disease outbreak?

I want to know in what ways can communication devices be of a help to prevent an outbreak of diseases.


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    Aug 15 2013: Using the networking model as given by http://www.ted.com/talks/nicholas_christakis_how_social_networks_predict_epidemics.html

    Lets say I'm a patient that shows up at the hospital with impetigo. They would need to use my contacts and gps information to send messages to those in my contact list within an area with a list of symptoms and instructions on what to do if they have them (contact the hospital before getting there, using the separate entrance for quarantine)

    With the vast number of medical equipment getting digitized, smaller, portable, I hope that medical treatment gets decentralized.

    With continued urbanization, people are getting more concentrated in cities, so a more cohesive medical network could eliminate the need to go to the hospital for treatment. better mobile teams replace EMT units with doctor/nurse/whatever-is-needed units can show up to the location of the patient with a complete hospital equipment set tucked under the stretcher.The patient can be isolated if need be immediately without having to come to the hospital and in contact with more sick people whose immune systems are already weak to spread infection. Hospitals can get smaller, just big enough to have an ICU and operating theaters.
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      Aug 15 2013: I made the same TED talk recommendation one day ago. Would it be inappropriate to say 'great minds think alike'?
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        Aug 15 2013: hehehe

        I got it from you, just too lazy to type out the guys name. and I recommended your links in my last post.

        So I'd say 'great minds complement each other' :P
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          Aug 15 2013: Ha. It's not like I haven't done the same thing. At first I thought you said 'compliment' but then I saw it was 'complement' and I'm not ashamed to say I had to look up the word to determine the difference (obvious as it is in hindsight) and I'd be honored to think our comments complemented each other.
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      Aug 15 2013: I'd also never heard of impetigo and I hope I never do again.

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