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To capture the carbon accumulated in the atmosphere since it is black it absorbs the sun beams and stops the temperature of being released.

The idea is to collect the carbon accumulated in the atmosphere in some kind of special containers and transfer it to the carbon recyclers. If seems weird and so far nobody accepted to help me or adopt this idea as usual.and it an entrance I mean it leads to another idea which allow to a direct carbon capture from the moteors exhaust for example

  • Aug 14 2013: 1.There's literally no efficient way to collect that much C02
    2.There's no global warming that was disproven they now call it climate change (still BS)
    3. even if the earth did get hotter life would only thrive more as it always does in hotter times throughout history
  • Aug 14 2013: As I understand it, the major components of the "air" in the atmosphere is carbon dioxide or CO2. It is actually colorless. The large carbon "molecules", C60 or C70; from smoke stacks is called black soot. The black soot in the air, unfortunately, sinks to the ground quickly and wouldn't stay in the air very long. The soot and other particles from the volcano explosion does temporarily cool down the surface temperature a little bit, because they are emitted in large quantities and with huge upward forces from the volcano. But that can hardly be imitated by human effort.
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    Aug 13 2013: According to Chemwiki: "The following substances are identified in photochemical smog:
    •Nitrogen Oxide (NO)
    •Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
    •Ozone (O3)
    •Volatile organic compounds (RH)." Where is the Carbon?
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      Aug 14 2013: Guess Chemwiki couldn't identify carbon from the smog... Thats the first I heard of Chemwiki and its already lost its credibility with me. Thanks Ed, now i know never go there for reliable info.
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        Aug 14 2013: You have conflicting data? Please share it.
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          Aug 15 2013: No but isn't there carbon in all smog making it black? I was sincerely thanking you for showing me ChemWiki isn't 100% right.
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        Aug 15 2013: RE: "No but isn't there carbon. . . ?" Can you please cite the information which convinces you that smog contains Carbon? Here is some correlating data from a second source:
        "Pollutant Sources, Both Natural and Human-Made--
        Volatile organic compounds (VOC) Tailpipe emissions, evaporation of gasoline at service stations, surface coatings such as oil paints, solvents such as barbecue starters, fuel combustion, vegetation
        Nitrogen oxides such as nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Tailpipe emissions, manufacturing industries, electricity generating stations, fossil fuel powered plants, oil refineries, pulp and paper plants, incinerators
        Sulphur dioxide (SO2) Non-ferrous metal smelting, thermal electricity generating stations, oil refineries, pulp and paper plants, incinerators
        Particulate matter Tailpipe emissions, volcanoes, wind erosion, forest fires, fossil fuel powered plants." --
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    Aug 13 2013: There is no need for high tech pie in the sky ideas, the answer is simple, down to earth, already known and proven. Just those making money off the massive amount of scams, are not supporting it for their own personal gain and politics.
  • Aug 13 2013: If there is possibilty for any profit from this idea please guide me