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GET OFF THE GRID!!! well, O.k. just one day out of seven. No cars or busses. No work or stress. You can hear the birds...

More sleep, more fun, more family... Tens of thousands of years mankind survived, strived and succeeded in propagating the species without the technologies we now possess. Technologies that we have become quite adapted to and even reliant upon for most, if not all of our daily activities. Can we manage to enjoy our lives, our very existence without leaning on this technology, for a minute? for an hour? for a day? Are we doomed to be hooked on external power sources and technology or can we or are we even capable to imagine one day in seven without it? What do you think? Could you? Would you?


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    Aug 28 2013: All expectations are the grid will self-destruct as new alternative energy sources increase. My reading places the date around twenty years from now. The grid will become so pricey and unmanageable that most companies and homes will have some sort of local power source. Natural Gas is also on the horizon to assist in this transference. The only reason it has not happened to date is due to the reliance of governments on the revenue produce by this energy wasting system. They continue to support it in lieu of other, greener, more efficient systems.
    • Aug 28 2013: Hi John, the "grid" we are discussing here isn't any one particular energy source but, rather, our dependency on all the stuff we have created and have become, of our own doing, dependent upon. Can we just take a break from it one day a week and still really enjoy being?
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        Aug 28 2013: The goal is towards localized power generation Mark. It's a growing phenomena. Such power sources don't need a grid.

        The home I'm currently purchasing had a 2.5 kilowatt solar panel array. It's over 3,000 square feet and the highest energy bill recorded was $119.00. I'll be adding a natural gas generator to that home. With some rain storage. My goal is ti reduce my energy needs to the essential. If 150 million people did that it in the U.S. it would severely affect the profits made from a grid system.
        • Aug 28 2013: That's wonderful John but not the point I wish to make. After all the reduction in power and energy dependance and the fantastic effect on our surroundings, there remains our perceived "need" for all of the technology to thrive. Can we do without it for one day out of seven, that is my idea. After you have moved in to the new house, by the way, congratulations, can you imagine yourself just one day a week, reading when there is sunlight, sleeping when it is dark, listening to the sounds that come from the wind, trees, birds, grass, footsteps on the gravel path that leads to your door, crickets, are there still crickets or frogs, hey what about a brook or the laughter of kids at play or whatever.

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