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GET OFF THE GRID!!! well, O.k. just one day out of seven. No cars or busses. No work or stress. You can hear the birds...

More sleep, more fun, more family... Tens of thousands of years mankind survived, strived and succeeded in propagating the species without the technologies we now possess. Technologies that we have become quite adapted to and even reliant upon for most, if not all of our daily activities. Can we manage to enjoy our lives, our very existence without leaning on this technology, for a minute? for an hour? for a day? Are we doomed to be hooked on external power sources and technology or can we or are we even capable to imagine one day in seven without it? What do you think? Could you? Would you?


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  • Aug 23 2013: to the extent that we are self sufficient we don't need the grid, or the culture which produced it. greater self sustainability for everyone who can do so is a long term solution. grow food on all available space (lawns, etc) and produce your own energy (alcohol instead of gasoline, 100% green) for starters. small communities like villages can create interdependence which is much healthier than large social structure.
    • Aug 27 2013: Well Robert, maybe now, after dozens of interesting replies to my "idea", I can make my point a bit clearer, with the help of your reply.

      You see, you mention that, "we don't need the grid or the culture that produced it", though we are ythe culture that produced it. Seemingly everywhere where people have been exposed to "progressive technology" they fall head over heels for it and what's to follow is an overwhelming, all-encompassing change in habit and life style.

      I wonder and propose my idea of "one day off the grid" as a method to try and have it all. The endless lists of things which only the modern world could have given us along side those "relics" of by-gone times which are modern lives are wanting of.

      Often it is said that our physical, material world, with it's options and choioces, has created a world far beyond our "comfort zone". Physiologically, psychologically, culturally, we are still much the same, still very much like our ancestors of 20,000 years ago. maybe there is something in the quite and simplicity that we really need, maybe one day a week can balance the deficit. Maybe.
      • Sep 2 2013: i do not see the people as being the same as the culture, perhaps that isn't the right word though. i differentiate between individuals and society. as far as one day off the grid, i'm not sure how you could implement that. self sufficiency is an idea that would sell itself, it seems to me that much of oour current situation is the result of all of our energies and possibilities being tied in collectively to our society and so i look at it from that perspective. however if it were possible to implement the idea you suggest that would be great.

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