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GET OFF THE GRID!!! well, O.k. just one day out of seven. No cars or busses. No work or stress. You can hear the birds...

More sleep, more fun, more family... Tens of thousands of years mankind survived, strived and succeeded in propagating the species without the technologies we now possess. Technologies that we have become quite adapted to and even reliant upon for most, if not all of our daily activities. Can we manage to enjoy our lives, our very existence without leaning on this technology, for a minute? for an hour? for a day? Are we doomed to be hooked on external power sources and technology or can we or are we even capable to imagine one day in seven without it? What do you think? Could you? Would you?


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    Aug 19 2013: Decades ago, when I was a teenager and into my 20’s I used to go “geocaching,” only in those days I didn’t have access to a GPS. Instead, it was a pure Treasure Hunt. I could lose myself (and the world), sometimes for days without ever thinking about anything else.

    Then after I retired, I got modern...bought myself a hand-held GPS and went geo-caching. A lot of fun, but otherwise did much the same thing. I still continued to use my grandfathers manual compass and used my brain to figure out the written clues. I never thought of myself to be a cave man as Charles Curt suggests, although one of the very best times for me happens each and every day for nearly six hours. No traffic, no people, no trains, no sirens, just the sounds of birds outside adding a little harmony to that wonderful peaceful sounds of total dead QUIET!
    • Aug 20 2013: "wonderful peaceful sounds of...Quiet!" There it is John, right there in your conclusion. We all know, somehow, that there is undeniably, something very real and good going on when all the stuff we have created (very good stuff as well) is on hold for a bit.

      Look, we say the "sounds of quiet" (silence?) and we aren't referring to nothingness, to vacuum. When we make the effort we are sometimes lucky enough to hear, see, feel, know, things that have accompanied the development of mankind from our earliest origins. That can't be bad if it got us this far.

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