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The promised follow-up on the Co-opernation! (with a delightfully enjoyable read!)

Well, apparently all that science and documentation wasn't what everybody needed!

No, The Doctor is who we needed, because this is the sort of idea that everybody expects from him, isn't it? And I have to admit the time travel element really helped us illustrate some things better.

The idea:
1) To create corporation that's owned by all of us

2) Turn that corporation into our very own nation, to turn 'employment' into 'peaceful citizenship'

3) Offer up a variety of amazing sorts of 'life packages' that will only get better,

4) Hire EVERYBODY who can agree not to hurt anybody else in exchange for safety, support, health, and awesomeness, and

5) reset the world, making all other governments and corporations irrelevant and putting the innocent and gentle in charge.

I have no idea what comes after that, because then it'll be up to them. Who else would you trust with our future? It beats our current options, doesn't it?

We've got a google doc that we'll be updating as we get more questions. There's no problem that can't be resolved at this point, because you'll soon see that this is a FAR more plausible steady-state than anything we see in the real world.

Without further ado, here's a google .doc in which Doctor Who points out the obvious and shows us how to crowdsource a revolution.


Also, we posted it on Boingboing and already a couple of people are getting it! Love those guys!


And lastly, for those who want to see some origins, here's the thread that helped us along the path (Thanks Amanda for the reminder!)



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    Aug 12 2013: Update: Cool, thanks (:
    Is there a link you can add, to the archived conversation we had that led up to this one? Thanks!

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