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How do you define success?

There are a number of success theories out there (be this, be that, do this, do that).

How do YOU define success?


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  • Aug 14 2013: Getting what you wanted.
    • Sep 1 2013: Like Bonny and Clyde. Oh wait....they died in a hail of bullets. I guess there's more to it.
      • Sep 1 2013: Well then they didn't suceed now did they? I'm pretty sure getting filled with lead was not what they wanteds.
        • Sep 6 2013: They got what they wanted. Money. Unfortunately they didn't concern themselves with the method or the consequences. A decidedly ego centric approach. Nor did they have the intellectual finesse of a Wall Street sociopath.
      • Sep 6 2013: Yes they didn't butanything that makes it go wrong against what they wanted isn't sucess simple as that. And wall street sociopath? a little random of an analogy.
        • Sep 6 2013: "Cause a man with a briefcase
          Can steal more money
          Than any man with a gun."

          - Don Henley

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